Sunday, December 2, 2012


i've got to start an art section on this blog. first i blogged about the lovely Sirin Thada, then there was the marvellous Mirtle... and today, i have to share Liz Climo's work with you.

i came across her cartoons after my dear friend Natalie posted a link to one of her images that had made it onto 9GAG... this image, to be precise.

problem solved. 

thankfully her web address was still intact at the bottom of the image, so i quickly hopped on over to her page... and got hooked. majorly, majorly hooked.

she has a few non-animal cartoons over at her site (and yes, i went through all 12 pages to check... don't look at me like that, i'm on holiday!) but for the most part, she draws furry (and some not-so-furry) friends saying and doing the darnedest things.

relationships are complicated

now, let's be clear. anthropomorphism (when animals or other non-human things are portrayed as possessing human qualities or as displaying human behaviour) can be irritating. MAJORLY irritating. my first few encounters with this kind of thing were frustrating for me, mostly (i think) because the people who created the memes/stories/whatever i'd seen in which animals were anthropomorphised were so patronising towards the critters they portrayed.

but these cartoons? nope, i don't think they're condescending in the slightest - they're just cute (and for the most part remarkably funny)! here are a few of my remaining favourites:

groundhog surprise party. 
some other surprise parties: chameleon, skunk and opossum 

groundhog surprise party

looks pretty smart to me 
and it looks pretty smart, though...

paper rock scissors is only fun if you have fingers (or toes)
the issue with not having fingers

how to be a hipster.
(it’s hard for a fennec fox to look cool)
wannabe-hipster fennec foxes

how to be cool 
the poor little foxes just wanna look cool!

king godzilla 
for toby and indiana
"king godzilla"

short legs 
these poor little penguins always seem to be at a disadvantage...

tire swings are fun. 
not so fun.

how to stay out all night 
sorry, little guy, but your plan's a bit flawed.

Happy Father’s Day 
this is pretty much how i feel whenever i see male baboons... ha.

C’mon, mom. 
gee whizz, Mom.

Super Squirrel   

Yes. Yes he does. 
probably cause of his "hey girl" pick-up lines. that Gosling's got all the moves.

Just do you. 
silly lemming. (sorry for the, erm, cuss. but i couldn't not share it...)

Charlotte’s Web of Contempt. 
baaahahahahaah! Charlotte's Web for the win :)

Greg brought snacks. 
© Liz Climo
good on you, Greg! what a buddy.

© Liz Climo
yeeeeah... a Hannah move right there.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing
© Liz Climo

14 Days of Love  (barf)
Day Eleven:  Trust
© Liz Climo
how to give a mouse a heart attack.

14 Days of Love  (barf)
Day Six:  Patience

© Liz Climo
patience exemplified!

...and a very scary Christmas.

now, this one i particularly love and have to make special mention of, because it makes me think of Chris.

forced affection 
the caption Liz gave it was "forced affection" and Chris can attest to the fact that i (like Little-Mr-Dino here) am a nefarious forced-attention-seeker, always trying to wriggle my way into his arms when we're watching something. thankfully, he's sweet and just laughs at me and lets me cuddle ;)

and another one that makes me think of Chris...
Here comes the tickle monster 
© Liz Climo

don't you agree with me - isn't Liz's work amazing? which do you like the best? :D

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