Saturday, April 27, 2013

caturday: the model edition

guys, let's be real here. cats are the BEST posers. if you're responding to this statement with confusion or shakes of the head, you do not know cats... because they can work that camera alright.

with that in mind, let me introduce to you a series of photo combinations taken from a blog by the name of Des Hommes et des Chatons - which is French for, "the people and the cats", i think. but i'm 'a Google Translate that and be right back...

HA! okay. i was kind of close. apparently it means, "Men and Kittens". hmmm. sounds interesting. anyway, let me introduce you to the concept: the people over at this website take a photo of a male model/actor/singer/person, and place alongside it a photo of a cat, in a similar outfit/pose/situation. it is GOLDEN. observe:


it gets even better - how about a tortured gaze, complete with fist-resting-on-chin?

they've got it.

or maybe you're more in the mood for some reading-with-glasses? that too.

how about ballet - anyone fond of an arabesque? that. (okay, let's be honest - i have no idea what an arabesque is, actually, but i know it has to do with ballet. so.)

keyboard-playing, for those who are into musos?

cats can do that, too, you know.

biting one's lip in a rather sensual fashion?


or y'all hipster folk, how's about some mustachios up in here?


kung fu?


taking a drink out of a straw?

consuming watermelon?

playing guitar?

more soulful playing of the piano?

"so deep that ah'm playing wif mah TEEF!"



taking your photo?

being Ryan Gosling?

"hey girl..."

showing brotherly love?


but where would we be if we didn't have a little balance, right? while perusing these photo comparisons (i don't know what to call them, aaaah!) i came across Cats that look like Pin-up Girls. oh no. here are my four favourites from that compilation...

oh dear, oh dear.

it's time to call it a night, but i hope you've all had a fabulous caturday! stay classy and keep posing the way these cats've shown ya - because i think we can now ALL agree that cats are best at posing (as they are with just about everything in life) ;)

P.S. all credit for finding these amazing gems must go to the marvellous Ali, who has yet again brightened my life :) ♥

Friday, April 26, 2013


hello, wonderfuls :)

yesterday, i discovered the most amazing thing. the 25th of April every year is WORLD PENGUIN DAY. whaaaat? how fantastic is that?

i decided to have a blog post dedicated to penguins... and then got caught up in assignments that had me gasping for air. and i didn't manage to post about penguins. and i am TERRIBLE because of this.

nevertheless, i thought that things such as blog posts dedicated to the awesomeness that is penguins are better late than never, so have a fun penguin trip with me on behalf of our ridiculously cool friends, the swimmin' birds...

how about these Emperor penguins chooning a seal?

or these newborn fuzzy African Penguins at the Toronto Zoo?

or (i don't know how real this guy is,  but anyway) a HEART baby?
heart penguin
"just wearin' my heart on my sleeve. or in this case, my chest. yep."

Emperor Penguin Chick, Snow Hill Island, Antarctica
Ultimately cute, precocious penguin chick
....ok, they're obviously the most adorable animals ever.

check out this awesome crossing sign in Oamaru, New Zealand:
Slow Penguins Crossing

i discovered this amazing story about maremma sheepdogs protecting a colony of fairy penguins off the coast of (i think) Australia... YOU SHOULD READ IT.

then, of course, there's this story, which you will struggle to believe. it sounds like something Leslie Knope would try to do... but it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 5 years ago. whaaaaat?!

here are some photos of Sir Nils at the event of his knighthood:
ANIMAL PHOTOS WEEKLY: Penguin Knight, Baby Whale, More


i have to share this video here again, even though i know it's been on here before... i just can't resist. prepare yourself for the ultimate cuteness!

indeed... it is too much for my heart to bear <3 p="">
and then, to top my penguin day off yesterday, i got sent this by my friend Darsha:

YES! what a perfect combination! :D

i have a surprise that i'm creating which involves penguins, but it requires some patience and secrecy until i've perfected it... so until then, GOODBYE (at least on the penguin front) from me and Squishy Darren :D

pleeeeeease stop by tomorrow - i have the funniest caturday post up my sleeve :D LOVE!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

no-weekend-so-this-doesn't-really-have-a-theme-per-se caturday

hello there!

this weekend is CRAZY. i have SO much work. i am taking time off of work to write this eight-sentence blogpost!

this is how i feel:
BUT this is what i'm working towards: ONWARDS!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

keeping tabs

so. i stayed up the entire night (went to bed at 6:10AM and got up an hour later) working on my design assignment. i was supposed to meet with my lecturer 20 minutes ago to show him what i've got so far; i really worked hard but (as is true with most aspects of life) it took a lot longer than i had anticipated to actually put into effect all of the changes i planned to make. this feels appropriate right now:

nevertheless, i'm quite proud of what i have so far; i had to sort out some admin that's been piling up this morning, and i'd just gotten all of that done and was about to tackle more of my design work and then head up and print it all so i could show my lecturer in hard copy. and. then.

the power cut.

i still have power on my laptop and the wireless network is still working; but all of my work - which is stored on the Journalism Department's system - is unavailable to me. i have nothing else to do... so why not blog, right? ;)

i thought a quick and interesting blog post could be about all the different tabs i have open in Safari right now. if you don't know me so well, i am a tabs fiend. i click on EVERYTHING that looks interesting/cute/absorbing and open it all in one single browser... it gets a bit ridiculous. with that in mind then, here are links to some of the web pages presently open on my beloved laptop:

1. Japanese teens stage Harry Potter Quidditch matches

...OH YES.



click through for even more awesome photos :)

2. Free Audiobook of Quitter by Jon Acuff
a link sent to me by my mama! ...and if you don't know who Jon Acuff is, he's AWESOME. he writes here and here, and is rather amusing.

3. Boston links
i have a LOT of links open about Boston right now.
i've been following regular updates here... just so that i feel like i'm in the loop with what's going on.
from there, i found this beautiful story, this great article called Boston Will Be Back (I Hope), Patton Oswalt's response to the attack and this incredible photograph:

finally, because heavy hearts make me tired, here's something to get a grin on your face:

4. A video of cute baby pandas playing on a slide!

SO... there you have it. a glimpse, or a safari (hahahahaa, i'm SO witty! ;) ) through the tabs open on my web browser as of this moment! now i shall dissolve into the absence of electricity around me... farewell. *fizzle*

Saturday, April 13, 2013

typography caturday

helloooo, all!

i apologise profusely for my absence from the cyber-world - this week has been a nightmare. i am now, however, well rested after a long sleep (8 hours, yo!) and since it's caturday, i thought i'd combine my love of cats with my love of TYPOGRAPHY. this is also because typography has been one of the things consuming all of my time this week... but yes.

first, there is this delightful collection from Buzzfeed: 20 cats as fonts. yes.

are they not the greatest? :D

then, i also stumbled upon these cute little cats made up of words:

...and finally, how about a cat alphabet?! :D

that's all for today, folks... see you soon :)