Saturday, December 1, 2012

feelings caturday

hello, fine internet people - and HAPPY CATURDAY! 

i have emerged almost unscathed from the terror-filled Exam Cave into the light of holidays. i intended to post yesterday but had to pack like a mad woman... or like this:

(LOTS of boxes)

 ...and then, once i was all done with that, i just decided i'd much rather spend my night with Chris (who i won't see for a month) than write a blog post. you understand, don't you? and even if you don't, ah well ;)

after a day of travelling (driving to Port Elizabeth from Grahamstown, waiting around for a late plane, flying from from Port Elizabeth to Durban's airport, driving from there to Ballito and from Ballito to home) i'm finally in Lil' Hometown and can sit on our couch and eat food from our fridge and hug my parents and HANG OUT WITH MY CAT.

this is how i feel about it:

yeah, buddy!

but on the other hand, i'm meh cause i miss my guy (yes, already) and so i feel a little like this:

when Chris dropped me off at the bus-stop (ha! traffic department, same thing), this came to mind:

waayt!  hugz befo u go?

but he's coming to visit me and the fandamily on the 2nd of January (!) which is in about a month (!) and about which i am very very VERY excited... kind of like this:

or this...

(wow, that is far too trippy)

...or this :D

otherwise, bring on the vac - and piles of reading, crafting, series-watching and general vegetating!

enjoy what remains of your caturday, everyone! :D

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