Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got tagged in this by Ana Cristina absolute aaaages ago, and so I thort I would finally fulfill my duties and do this :) 

Answer the following questions using pictures. Use as few words as possible. The picture should be able to do the explaining for you. When you're done, return the favor and tag some friends!  

1. Your age on your next birthday
the big seven-and-ten... ooh aah!

2. A place you’d like to travel to 
i am destined to go to Italy. i know i am. Hanny particularly loves the cute couple sitting on the wall... squee!

3. Your favourite place  

yeah, i'll stick with Disneyland for now.

4. Your favourite food/drink  
to be fair, i don't only love potatoes the most. but it's shaped in a heart... c'mon!

5. Your favourite pet  
Gimli investigates my camera.

6. Your favourite color combination  
i love rainbows. The End.

7. Your favourite piece of clothing  

i bet you knew!

8. Your favourite song at the moment
i couldn't pick a favourite song of all time, but Hallelujah has been in my head all week. i blame Shaw. *grins*

9. Your favourite TV show  
it's their fault, really.
10. Full name of your significant other  

i think the blankness says it all. i think. *shrugs*

11. The town in which you live  
12. Your screen name/nickname  
among a million others, of course :)

13. Your first job  
yeah... i've never had a job before. besides babysitting. isn't that lamespice?

14. Your dream job  
i love writing. therefore, being a writer would basically rock.

15. Bad habit you have  
yes... i bite my lip. until it bleeds, usually.

16. Your worst fear  
no, not pigeons... being alone is what i am afraid of. when i am alone, i feel lost and lonely and little. but then, there're always the pigeons...

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die  
i think falling in love would be pretty sweet.
18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000  

these first... was there any doubt though?

and then i don't know why... but i want a pair of these badly.
19.Your favorite credo in life  
20. Now tag at least 3 people (using name or pictures)