Saturday, December 15, 2012

caturday: hats edition

it's caturday AGAIN?! whew, this holiday's going pretty fast.

after hearing the news of the shooting in Connecticut yesterday, i haven't really been in a fantastically happy mood, and struggled a bit to come up with a theme for this week. so i looked through the stockpile of cat photos i have on my computer for some inspiration, and i found a recurring theme...


and as i looked at these marvellous kits adorned in a variety of head-gear, i had to grin a little.

so i thought i'd share the hat cats with you... cause maybe they'll put a smile on your face, too. and smiling's important :) let's get started, shall we?

how about a cat in a wig?

pretty fabulous...

and then we have an aristocat:

spiffing, good fellow.

and then just a cat in, you know, a rather terrible (and feathery) hat, with the most unimpressed expression you'll ever see:

actually, i lied. THIS cat has the most unimpressed expression ever... it's indisputable:

who would actually be cruel enough to buy this for their cat?! also, can we talk about the irony of the blurb stating that "CATS LOVE IT!"... ha.

and then we have a little Halloween kitty, about whom i forgot at Halloween time:

and while we're hat it (see what i did there?! yes, you may roll your eyes...), here's a cute little Mexi-cat :)

oh, amigo, you are too adorable.

or how about a cat with a lobster hat?

"um, guys, it's getting hot in here..."

and a rocker kitten:

...and a lion-hearted (and -hatted) cat:

...AND a little pink ball of fluff...


and then, i would like to introduce you to Spangles, who: a) got his name after being born on the 4th of July; b) is cross-eyed; c) is awesome; d) loves posing; and e) looks fantastic in head gear. observe:

 Spangles the reindeer

 Spangles the pirate

Spangles the sailor

and in case you're wondering what he looks like without a hat atop his head, here're some portraits sans hats:

what a babe, right? :D you can read more about Spangles and follow his adventures on his Facebook page here

finally, i thought this photo was rather appropriate for the current, erm, season:


and FINALLY finally, i want to wish my beautiful aunts Kymmie and Mia the most fantastic birthday - i love you both so much (more than this much, in fact):

...and am phenomenally grateful to have such amazing women as my aunties! HUGS!

kbye everyone :)

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