Monday, December 3, 2012


in my first few days of summer holiday, i've been going through my computer's files - generally things get a bit out of hand towards the end of the year, and so i've just been sorting photos and docs into the files they should be in and that sort of thing. and what did i stumble upon while doing this? why, the photos of puppies at our local SPCA that i took last June during my vac work. 

now, if you read this blog a lot, you'll know i love cats a bunch. but i love dogs, too, and i ADORE puppies. especially these puppies.

in fact, after looking through these photos, i'm pretty certain i'm in love... and you soon will be, too.

prepare yourselves...!

look at the smile on the buddy on the left! aaaaah...

and THIS one's smile, too! oh, my precious!

guys. guys. are you not crazy in love right now? cause you should be.

k, that's all!

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