Friday, December 7, 2012

the countdown begins

well, it's been just under a week, and i miss this guy.

last year this time, we were apart for what felt like forever - i left Grahamstown a week before the end of November, and we only saw each other again at the beginning of February this year. like i said... forever.

i was dreading the summer holiday for this precise reason, but awesomeness prevailed! Chris is coming to visit meeee! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

he gets here just after New Years Day and stays for a little under a week - and i could not be more thrilled. now, whenever stuff excites me this much, i have to start a countdown... because i'm crazy and obsessive and must know to the day how much time remains between me seeing and hugging and being reunited with that magnificent guy. also, because i'm obsessive (like i mentioned already... it's a slight condition), i have to have a chart. and it has to be in a block, with little numbers in each block, counting down to the day. i drew one up today because today happens to be Day 25... 

so may i present to you THE CHART.

i'll be marking each day off on this lil' chart and counting down the hours till i get to see my guy's face again! :)

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