Saturday, December 29, 2012

caturday: introducing Roo

remember how in my last post, i showed you all a gif of a cute kitteh and said something about wishing it were mine?


on Thursday afternoon, we were having a big ol' family photo shoot in our back yard when M.E. says something along the lines of, "there's another cat in the bushes over there - a black and white one. it's really small!" so Huw, Sindi and i go trampling into the bushes to find it and i eventually emerge with one tiny yowling kitten.

skip forward a couple days and said kitten is camping out on our deck, happily napping in her makeshift bed of box-and-towel when she's not scurrying around the yard chasing whatever she can find (including her own tail - no joke)...

"ooooh, a yellow flower! must sniff it."

"well, these rocks smell rather peculiar."

...or chillin' on someone's lap or back...

"yes, of course i'm meant to be camped out on Huw's back, silly!"

...or eating voraciously....

"you make me self-conscious when you watch me eat, ya know..."

...or just plain meowing at the top of her lungs to be let in the house. (for now she's an outdoor cat only, since she's usurped enough of Gimli's territory already, much to his major chagrin.)

she has earned several nicknames in the last 50+ hours: Chicken from Huw, Knuks from Sindi (since she's a reverse-skunk), Pascal from Mom (because the black markings on her back look remarkably like Pascal the chameleon in Tangled) and variations of kitten and sweetheart from everyone :) But the name that's semi-stuck (for now at least) is Roo, because she runs around chasing things and then suddenly will hop three or four times in a row, like a kangaroo. (she also found a temporary home in Mom's pocket right after we found her so we could finish off the family photo shoot, and the sight of her peeking out of said pocket may have influenced this name!)

we're not sure about what her future is right now, but i'm hoping she sticks around for as long as possible because she is, as Sindi so lovingly phrased it, "stupidly cute". wouldn't you agree?

(all photos taken by my awesome father Kevin  :) )

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