Saturday, June 15, 2013

caturday: the update-on-Roo edition

firstly, HAHAHA "i'm gonna blog more". i have fallen into bad blogging habits, friends, and i need to rectify this soon! but for now i'm just gonna post this post and head to bed, since i need to be up at 3:30 AM tomorrow (eek!) - here's to a game reserve trip with my dad and some really lovely American girls :)

the topic for this week's caturday is fairly simple: i thought i'd update you on the progress of our family's lovely little Roo, who adopted us at the very end of last year. this came about as a topic partially because i could think of very little else to post on this week (i know, you go on vacation and your brain turns to mush!) but another big motivating factor had to do with Roo's newfound semi-stardom (very very very semi-stardom) on the wonderful animal site Cute Overload. check out her moment of glory here :)

her photo drew a few comments, one of which was from the lovely Theresa, who requested updated pics of Roo-bean. AND SO I SHALL DELIVER THEM! (a little late... sorry!)

first, though, let's aww at some of the photos of her that i didn't have access to when i uploaded my very first post on Roo:

these photos were taken no more than five to ten minutes after Roo had been discovered in our backyard. i am already giving her an eskimo kiess in the first photo (plus please note the sticking-out tongue which she's evidently working for the camera), and the second photo is evidence of one of the reasons we named her Roo (the second being that she hops EVERYWHERE).

it is, however, quite difficult to accurately photograph her hop. another distinctive characteristic of Roo, which is slightly easier to photograph, is her penchant for snoozing... often in ridiculously funny positions.

this is a photo my mom snapped of her, snoozing outside in her makeshift bed on one of the first few days of her arrival, when we were... *ahem* i mean, she was still deciding whether or not she'd stay.

a few weeks later, once i'd left home and headed back for varsity, my sister snapped this photo of Roo just taking a morning chill pill...

"relaxation is key!"

when i got home from varsity in late March, it was evident that while she'd grown a bit physically, Roo had definitely not outgrown her funny sleeping habits. observe:

yes, folks, she's sleeping on my bum.

a few days later, i walked into my room and discovered this on my bed:

...just Roo-laxin'.

about three weeks ago, when i was still away at varsity, my mom sent me this photo of the Roopster:

isn't she pretty? :D this is her in one of her rare docile-yet-not-asleep moments.

i've since come home and have been able to witness all of her crazy cuteness for the past week - and since getting a new phone on Tuesday (and an Instagram account, ha!), she's been my primary target in the photo-taking department... ;)

Roo was spayed about a week and a half ago, hence the shaved patch on her side in this photo... not that it's slowed her down at all! ;)

here she is, looking up at me...

...and then attempting a smile. we'll have to work on that a little, i think ;)

here she's surveying her territory from the kitchen stairs...

 ...and, taken just a few minutes ago, here she is mimicking an Olympic diver mid-air while sleeping on my bed ;)

after surveying all of these images, i think i may need to start an Instagram or blog just on Roo's ridiculous sleeping patterns - yay or nay? :)

first, though, i must catch some sleep - since i need to be up in less than four hours (yeep)! g'night, y'all :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

mushy caturday

prepare yourself for sentimentality, y'all... and bucket-loads of it.

i finished exams yesterday. this has been the first exam period of my two-and-a-half year university career (haha, calling my time spent getting a degree a "career", haha) where i finish early. usually i write five exams in a row in the last eight days of exams (1st year) or i write two exams right after one another - on the second-to-last day and last day of exams (2nd year)... buuuuut not this year.

this means that i'm home already! how strangely nice :) it means i can catch up on blogging (which i've been terrible at lately), spend some quality time with my cats, erm, family, and get cracking on several varsity assignments that have been looming on the horizon for a little while. importantly, it also means that i'm apart from Christo. nooooooo. i don't like being apart from Christo. ever. noooooooo.

hence the ooey-gooey-ness of this here blog post... i can think of very little else right now. so: cute cat love is gonna get all up in your grill. i am about to become that soppy girl on facebook (blog, whatever) that posts about how much she loves and misses her boyfriend. prepare yourselves accordingly.

how cute is this?! snorgle snorgle. since one of the things i'm best at in life is falling asleep on Chris's bed (in broad daylight, guys... it's a skill few can master) i miss snorgling. that is, snuggling. 

this photo just makes me think of that song, "Lean on me! When you're not strong!" Chris is my pillar, yo. when i'm having a rough or irritating or emotionally exhausting day, he's the first person i go to; he's one of the only people i'm able to spill my (metaphorical) guts to without being worried that i'll be judged or criticised. he's the best, basically.

have i mentioned that he gives great hugs? yep. they are warm and wonderful and make me feel cosy and loved and home. 

he's also wonderfully patient with me... even when i groom him. ("oh sorry, you had an eyelash on your cheek!"; "oh, there was a bit of cheese just caught in your moustache...") see the long-suffering look on the groomee's face above? that is Chris's face in cat form. i draw the line at licking his face though. i don't do that.

also, i love Chris's kisses...

...and i'm so grateful that he never tries to bite my face off, no matter how cute this photo might appear ;) 

sigh! until i can hold you again, sweetheart, i'll just be over here, hugging whatever i can find...
...and missing you.

now, this post will play out with some cat love memes especially for yooooou, Chris:

(which is a lot considering how far little munchkin's arms can stretch... but i really love you a whole lot more than that :) )



and... final truth ;) 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

grumpy caturday


i've had a grumpy evening, for no particular reason (besides the Giants NOT playing so well... but we won't talk about that). since it's caturday, and it's time to get my head in the game (it's JUNE!), i thought i'd post about... grumpiness. and who better catifies (that's a new word - like personifies, but CAT instead of PERSON. i'm clever ;) ) grumpiness than the marvellous TARDAR SAUCE?!

yeah, her real name is Tardar Sauce (and let's face it, i'd probably also be pretty grumpy if that were my name), but she's better known to the internet world as Grumpy Cat. 

Grumpy Cat gets a movie deal

she actually looks perpetually upset because she has a condition called feline dwarfism. she turned 1 in April this year, but has already had it tough... i mean, carrying the world's grumpiness on your shoulders is a pretty big burden, don't you think? ;)

so, she has obviously inspired some artwork...

Grumpy Cat Nope

grumpy cat,valentine's day

art,beautiful pictures,grumpy cat

graffiti,grumpy cat,photo

i especially love the work of the Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment Centre - around 30 of their artists created unique pieces of art centred around Tardar. check it out and see if you don't think it's cool! my favourite pieces from that project are below:

Judson Portzer Grumpy Cat

(yes, that is stained glass, y'all.)

Terri Shows Grumpy Cat

Gina Percifull

Tracey Greene Grumpy Cat

Calvin Hubbard Grumpy Cat

Katherine Purves Grumpy Cat

Jennifer Stottle Taylor Grumpy Cat

Denise Williams Grumpy Cat

Erin Michael Chainmail Grumpy Cat
Erin Michael Chainmail Grumpy Cat


Julie Gill Grumpy Cat Stained Glass

Jeannie Vereen Grumpy Cat Rug

Holly Morningstar Game of Thrones Grumpy Cat

Lenore Corey Grumpy Cat Painting

No'Ala Magazine Grumpy Cat Cover

Monica Yother Grumpy Cat Drawing

and my favourites...
Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake

Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake

Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake

Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake


okay, okay. so it's obvious that Grumpy Cat is popular as heck! she has JUST JUST landed a movie deal though - how awesome is that? this was her response:

bahahahahaa :) 

you can read more about her movie deal (and just generally about her) here. meanwhile, i'm gonna go to bed - after Grumpy Cat has successfully made me way less grumpy!