Friday, July 29, 2011

why weddings win

'sup, homies?

i'm back at varsity now, getting into the swing of things and loving life. but i realised i never gave you an update on the wedding that we went to nearly two weeks ago... and it was a wedding to remember, so i thought i'd share it with you :)

my family has this very cool guy that is our collective friend. he used to live in Lil' Hometown and worked with my dad; he was a part of our church and a part of our lives. dear Neville :) he moved away three or four years ago, and sometime last year he met the beautiful Joanne. hi, soulmates! we had never met her before the wedding, but it was evident from the moment we saw the two of them together that this was something incredibly special.

i didn't get many photos, because i was too busy oohing and aahing at all the specialness... but i've hijacked some of my friend Sakkie's photos and pimped them up (ie. put them through Poladroid...) and i will now display them here for you to see :) ready?

for the ceremony, i sat with friend John. we intended to have all four of the "kids" - my sister, me, John and his brother Joe - all sitting together, but things got out of whack and John and i ended up being the only kids....



...and apparently for good cause ;) i love how absolutely ridiculous we both look in these photos. love it.

and then...


here's the moment i was talking about. what a stunning thing to see :)

the rest of the ceremony was just as gorgeous, just as moving. and then... it was RECEPTION TIME ;)

all the Eshowe people were put at one table - i like to think of it as Nev's "Eshowe family".

the cake... and many delicious cupcakes! yes!

we decided to have a "photoshoot" outside, and these are the results:






and there you have it... a taste of the wonderful wedding that was!
i think marriage is such a beautiful, powerful thing; i pray that Nev and Jo are amazingly blessed in their new life together...
and i pray, too, for the man i will someday marry.


Thursday, July 21, 2011


"you don't need most of what you have. you don't need more."

truer words might never have been spoken. i'm trying desperately not to spend money unnecessarily lately; i can be such a ridiculously careless spender if i don't watch myself.

but a small dose of ModCloth wishing never hurt anyone, right? ;)
i figure i'll never actually work up the nerve to actually purchase anything from ModCloth, since i'm terrified of online shopping. not to mention that what i order will probably never make it to me. *cue scathing rant about South Africa's postal service, which isn't actually half as bad as everyone makes it out to be* also, ModCloth's prices verge on the ridiculous. so i will keep dreaming... and i will share all the glorious goodness i have stumbled across recently with you :)
Breathe Fire RingCute of Arms NecklaceHonolulu Holiday DressGreeting Rainbows CardiganCaturday TunicThe Tiffany CardiganCall My Direct Line PhoneCorked Necklace in Color WheelOnce Bitten Toothbrush Holder in ZooHarney Peak Boot
yes, ModCloth... i love you.

in other news, i'm safely back in Lil' Varsity Hometown, catching up with life and some things which must be done before term begins on Monday.

stay tuned for updates on my life, including my family's epic cross-province roadtrip (which we undertook during a petrol strike, heightening the stakes and making life fun) and the really incredible wedding of dear friend Neville to his beautiful Joanne :)

until next time, dear readers, keep well...
and just in case you didn't know -

edited to add:
i've been hanging out with Sindi and her computer whizz friends this afternoon, making me feel incredibly inadequate (no... really.) so i decided to be, um, as geeky as i CAN... and i created a new button for this here blog :) here she is:
pretty, no? i am a leetle bit proud :) if you want one to stick on your blog or page or whatever, just grab the link in the little text box over to the right and *VOILA!* ...she is yours.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

so long, farewell...

happy July, everybody!

i haven't been posting for a variety of reasons, the major two being that:

a) i've been working for the local newspaper and doing a fair amount of running around;
b) i've been reading or baking or doing other holiday-type stuff.

it's been lovely, but sorry for my absence :)

TODAY, i'm here to tell ya that that absence is just about to get longer. you see, today, my entire family (...of 4) is climbing into our car and driving away from home on an ADVENTURE. we have a dear friend who is getting married in exactly a week in East London, which is miles and miles and MILES away from Lil' Hometown. so we decided to take a bit of a road trip on our way there, staying in cool little accommodations and having a good time. hopefully we will not freeze along the way (remember how i said i HATE the cold? oh dear...)

my sister and i still have a week of vac left after the wedding, but East London is a couple hours away from Lil' Varsity Hometown, and it's an enormous waste of money to travel all the way back home for 4 or 5 more days just to travel all the way back to varsity. so we'll be hanging out in the EL for the last few days of our vac.

all this being said, i doubt i'm gonna be near internet for at least the next week, so posts are unlikely to go down. i apologise profusely from the bottom of my heart... but you'll forgive me, right? especially when i share this photo with you...

yeah, i thought so! ;) keep well and warm (or cool, if you're summering), lovelies!