Thursday, November 15, 2012

mirtle magic

hi, everyone! *waves*

hope y'all are all doing well :) i wrote my 3rd exam yesterday morning - so i'm halfway to freedom, WHEEEE! there's still a lot more to do before i can call it quits, but i'm feeling slightly better about these exams - i just need stamina for the next two weeks.

i thought that today i could feature an artist whom i LOVE and have been wanting to share with you guys forever. but please note: I ADORE HER. so i've included about a thousand of her drawings. and you should look at them all, because they're all darling :)

the artist i'm talking about is Mirtle; i found her via Joseph Gordon-Levitt's community collaboration project, HitRecord. she's simply the best - her work, as you'll see, is a combination of cute, quirky, sensitive and beautiful.

and if you need more of an incentive to scroll to the eventual end of this post... there'll be a preview/surprise waiting for ya once you get down there ;)

all of these amazing illustrations were sourced from Mirtle's facebook page, which you can visit by clicking here.

(well, that's me...)

and if you made it this far... CONGRATULATIONS! :D

your first reward is this video - Dear Reader covering Yazoo's "Only You". um. it's brilliant... and includes a violin solo. also, if you listen really carefully, you can hear Cheri getting an email on her MacBook in the middle of the recording - HA! (yes, i've listened to the song so often that i picked that up. it's that brilliant.)

and your second reward is a bit of preview of something coming up in the next week, that i'm REALLY excited about!

what might that be for? :D leave your guesses in the comments - and tell me which of Mirtle's illustrations you love the most!


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