Monday, August 10, 2009


dear blogosphere,

it's been a while, hasn't it? don't worry - i understand that you might be angry at me. after all, it's not cool to abandon you for over a month without an explanation. but so much has happened over that month and a bit, so i hope you don't mind me telling you a bit of it....

1. my USA gran and sister came home ...and we had vacation. which was fun, until it ended... if you catch my drift.

2. i went on camp ...which totally rocked the party.

3. i did community service for 10 hours at the Old Age Home in town for a school project. it was a LOT of work, but rewarding in the end.

4. my beautiful Granny Jess passed away. and i miss her very very much.

5. my school held its annual Matric Dance... the Elevensies (Grade 11s) were in charge and i was on the committee. i think we did a fantabulous job. and it was uh-MAY-zing. and my best friend looked beautiful (of course!). and i reallyreallyreally wanted to slow-dance... sucks for me!

6. i got a Tumblr account... and i'm secretly in love with my webpage. go there and tell me you aren't too...

7. i gots noo gadjits. gadjits which i LOVE. one is a purple 8GB iPod nano named melanzana. (which means "eggplant" in Italian, in case you were wondering.) the other is a black-and-orange Sony Ericsson W350i named tangerine. (when i'm feeling South African, i call it naartjie... which means the same as tangerine, but sounds way cooler.) these two gadjits are the love of my life... along with the Nikon camera i got a few months back, which i have named grapefruit for lack of other ideas :) yeah, Hanny likes her gadgets!

8. i went crazy. well, no - not really, yet. but i do have an audition for the role of a girl with MPD for a play that may or may not occur, so i don't know... sounds pretty crazy to me! not to mention the fact that i'm hurtling fast towards the end of Grade 11 and i'm terrified of the idea of next year - being in matric (Gr12) and all. yeek! on Friday this week, i have an interview with the headmaster, some teachers and some current prefects among other people regarding why i want to be a prefect next year, so that should be interesting to say the least!

how are you, blogosphere? keeping well? i hope you didn't mind my AWOL-ness too terribly much. now... i'm back.