Wednesday, December 1, 2010

best blogs in the business

let's have a minute's silence for my fantastic use of alliteration in the title of this post....


cool, now we can continue :)

so i've been thinking about it and although i'm really not a super blogger (ie. i only blog once every blue moon and sometimes my posts are boring or ridiculous) i really really love blogs - cruisin' them and getting inspiration and a few laughs and smiles. and there are some blogs that i hou van especially, created by girls that i look up to and just generally think are awesome. so surely i should show the inventors of these blogs how much i appreciate them, and also expose them to one another? the answer to that rhetorical question is yes... yes i should.

thus without further ado, i present to you.... *drumroll*


how about first we talk about Busy Bee Lauren? yes? YES.
Lauren Bee is a beautiful soul whom i first stumbled across when we were both going fan-girl crazy over Twilight *hides face in shame* on the internets something like three years ago. Lauren lives in AZ with her hubby Ted and their babies, Gizmo and Leo. (they are pets... not actual babies. in case you were wondering.) her blog, Busy Bee Lauren, has been going strong for four years now, and it's pretty much amazingspice... just like the lady. she talks fashion, food, family, design, travel, books and daily life stuff; she has class, wit and beauty galore and i love her. oh, and she loves owls... so you pretty much have to adore her.

then we must discuss My Sweet Old Etcetera.
this a-MAY-zing blog is run by the gorgeous Miss Ana Cristina, who is totally bomb. besides being one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Annie is a high school English teacher in FL. her passion for literature and creative writing have oftentimes left me wishing that she were MY English teacher! she writes beautifully and blogs about the funnest things; i love that her blog is so personal and heartfelt. Annie loves a lot of the same stuff i do, so i'm inclined to say she has really good taste... but truth be told, i really value her opinion and her blog is often an inspiration for me. she makes me smile and i really can't sing her praises enough. (if you would like to read some of her creative writing, you can access it here!)

i'm also absolutely in love with EmmaJaneNation.
friend-of-friends Emma Jane runs this fantaaaastic blog where she posts the most creative stuff - be it fashion, food, design or just life in general. i simply adore her style and her originality. Emma got engaged to Dylan earlier this year, so she's also recently been blogging - very subtly - about prep for their wedding which is happening in January! i love the little hints at the plans they're making and can't wait for the actual wedding to roll around so i can get a peek at their beee-you-tiful day!

thanks to Emma's blog, i stumbled across Lucky Pony... and hello, it blows my mind.
pretty pretty Angie is in charge over at the lucky blog; she is: a) amazing; b) the wife of the awesome Shane Durrant of Desmond & The Tutus fame; c) in charge of Wolves Cafe up in Joziville - Wolves, i have decided, is where i shall work/live some day (because it is RIDICULOUS) and d) very very inspirational. because she blogs every day.... and i have failed to find a single post of hers that i don't adore. she is funny and fantastic and finds very very lovely stuff all over the internets, which often makes me drool and/or gasp in amazement. she is so tasteful and wow! and yes... i just used "wow" to describe her. the words failed. moving on...

i'm also a beeg beeg fan of Kismet and Kate, and i'll tell you why.

Kate is BFFs with Lauren of BBL fame... and that is how i stumbled across her blog, which makes me do my happy dance. the fact that she's tight with the Busy Bee already makes her sa-WEET, but that's not the main reason i love her. seriously, her blog holds its own in the Blog Kingdom... which speaks for her marvellousness. she's in the midst of a year-long stay in Spain, where she's teaching little ones, and i adore reading about her experiences. she also blogs about her family, and how much she loves and misses them; i really appreciate this part of her blog cause it reminds me about how important MY family is, and how i ought to cherish them.

and on the subject of girls workin' overseas, teaching younguns... i must bring up +27.
the fabulous Kim is in charge of this gem; i only stumbled across this blog a couple months ago, but i'm already a huge fan. Kim is currently working in the United Arab Emirates, teaching 6- and 7-year-olds... i love reading her stories about everyday life in Abu Dhabi, about the little ones she works with and her perspective and faith which shines through each post. i love that she regularly posts about all the things she is thankful for as the days go past; i love that she is so open and honest and positive. i love that she's my sister in Christ and i love her in general!

i'm nearly done, but i still have one more blog i desperately need to talk about and it's called A Bite Of Allison.
it's not too difficult to guess the name of the wonderful chica in charge over at this blog - that's right, Allison! and my oh my, do i love her. first of all, she's a Jim Halpert fan... umm, epic WIN. any girl who thinks Jim Halpert is the perfect man already has 100% in my book. also, she's like me in that she has a slight obsession with weddings - if nothing else, check out this post of hers that left me gasping. (yep, i'm totally the same... bookmark the wedding sites and ooh and aah at the pictures of people that i don't even know, the whole nine yards.) but to top THAT off, she's smart, funny and really gosh-darn amazing, not to mention that she has impeccable taste when it comes to music. don't believe me? check her blog out on a Monday, when she usually showcases some Music Monday tunes. i've yet to listen to one of her recommendations without smiling and/or singing along by the end of the song. and that just leads me to my conclusion... she's fantastic, no doubt about it.

so there you have it, folks... the best of the best :)
aren't these ladies just fantastic?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


guess who's decided to re-read the Harry Potter series?

yes, indeed, friends... you have guessed correctly. it is i.

i've been meaning to do so for a while now, but being a matric student has hampered these efforts of mine substantially. (and what's up with the crazy vocab? hampered? substantially? yech... i'm scaring myself!) i know, i know - you're thinking, "c'mon, Hannah. it doesn't take THAT much effort to pick up a book and read a couple chapters a day, or even a week, does it?!" but maybe you'll understand a bit better when i describe to you my reading style.

i flatten books. provided it's written well, has a good story line and endurable characters, i am hooked and you will not see me until i'm done - or at least, a substantial way through the book. this sort of reading poses serious threats during school-time. threats which include unfinished homework and/or lack of adequate preparation for tests or exams. not really the best idea, i'd say. so, sad as it might seem, i try to avoid books which might captivate me when i'm particularly busy - which i certainly have been for the last while.

but now? now i am FREE! for a whole TWO MONTHS! and, with all the talk of Harry Potter 7.1's release in cinemas, i simply couldn't resist. i marched over to the bookshelf yesterday afternoon, pulled the first book from the shelf, dusted it off and made myself comfortable.

and flattened it.

the same thing happened with Book The Second today.

i am ADORING the magical world of Harry Potter... and am wishing more than ever that i could attend Hogwarts. even though i'm past eligible age - how depressing is THAT?! nevertheless, i'm enthralled and loving it just as much as i did when i was 8 and we read the first two books as a family, with me curled up in bed, hanging onto every word which slipped out of my mom's mouth.

please love the cool British cover illustrations our books have. they pwn the American cartoon-style illustrations, in my opinion.

oh, and by the way... it's called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. not Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

and that's final!
(rant over.)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


hey y'all!

my post isn't going to be more than a few short sentences... but guess what?!

i'm done with high school.


i wrote my last final paper today (and boy, does that sound repetitive or what?!) which is definitely bittersweet. i've been so anxious to be out of high school - and believe me, i'm over the moon that i'm finally here - but there are such beautiful friends and memories that i don't want to ever let go of. it all seems really surreal - that five years of my life (heck, TWELVE years of my life!) have flown by so fast, and i'm definitely still getting used to the idea of being "officially unemployed", as my dear friend Kelsey so tactfully put it :)

but here's to the future!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Final Countdown

*dun dun dunnnnn*

hello, everybody! d'you want to hear something scary? yes? kay, well hold on... -clears throat-

i have exactly 10 more normal school days left. of my entire life.

yeah, i told you it was scary! i have only two more 5-day-weeks of school left before i bid farewell to my high school and begin to engage in the dreaded final exams. although they'll be written at school - so technically i'll still be at school, and i'll have to wear uniform and that sort of thing - i found (when we wrote our trial exams about a month ago - hah!) that it's really not the same as a normal school day.

to start things off, you come in later than usual. plus, you only come in when you're writing - so half of your friends aren't there, unless you're writing a common paper, like English or Maths. you sit in the hall for ±3 hours, most of which you spend writing frantically... so, basically, you aren't paying attention to the fact that you're at school. and after those ±3 hours are up, you leave. no lunch breaks... no milling around the hallways between lessons... no wisecracks during Afrikaans or doodling on books during Biology. none of that.

now, i must confess... ever since my darling sister Sindi went off to uni two years ago, i've been dying to set out after her in hot pursuit. i've always been a little mature for my age - which i think comes from having a sister who's a couple years older - and so even at the beginning of Grade 11, i was itching to leave high school behind and start with uni.

being in matric (South African speak for Grade 12, in case you were wondering ;) ) hasn't really helped much. although a lot of my older friends told me that matric was their favourite year of high school, it's been a bit of a let-down for me in some respects, and i really think i enjoyed my Grade 11 year more. which isn't to say that i haven't done absolutely marvellous things this year... on the whole, i've just felt that last year, although demanding in its own way, was more enjoyable than this year. i've been planning to go off to Rhodes University since i was in 9th Grade, and i sent off my application forms at the end of August. i got my acceptance letter about a month later and just the other day was confirmed as a Rhodes student for 2011.
yes, that's right... twist and shout!

needless to say, i've been itching to get out of high school. until now.

it recently hit me how CRAZY it is that i'll probably never see some of my high school friends again after i'm done with this year. people that i've spent 5+ years of my life with, commiserating and fighting and laughing and crying and hugging... and i'll never see them again.


don't get me wrong... there are definitely things i won't miss. *ahem* like Maths. and Accounting. but there are other things, and people, mostly, that i'll really have a hard time saying goodbye to.

sigh. it's a really odd, uncomfortable feeling.
like being in limbo.

all of that said...

and watch out, Rhodes...
here i come!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wishlist wednesday

and now, ladies and gents, ranging from the absurd to the ridiculous...
Hanny's Wishlist.
what are you wishing for today?
also, who wants to hear a joke?
Justin Bieber's in South Africa right now.

Friday, September 17, 2010


*waves frantically*
helloooo there!
taking a note out of Annie's book, here's a list of things and people i'm presently in love with.

first on my list is MODCLOTH DRESSES...
Exuberance Dress
Jeopardy Lane DressYou've Got It Jade DressPoppy Art Dress
but then again, when am i NOT in complete adoration of ModCloth? blast. they are fantastico.

sticking to the clothing theme, i have to tell you about how overwhelmingly in love i am with SHIRT.WOOT right now. i will not say anymore... i will simply demonstrate. here are my two favey designs...
for real.

thirdly, i am crazy about the beautiful DAISY LOVE. ohaai. this is Daisy.
she's 6 and has cancer... and she is the best. i stumbled over her tumblr one day and started keeping up with how she's doing - the best news is that they've removed her tumor, which shrank from the size of a large grapefruit to the size of a shrivelled tangerine segment. she's so full of joy and happiness and i simply love her to pieces. join me in continued prayer for her, won't you?

i'm also pretty excited about THE WHEATFIELD, which is pretty much a beautiful collection of artwork and illustrations done by the super talented Katie Daisy. zurks! i discovered her etsy shop yesterday. and i want all of her prints now!
Moon Faces 8 x 10Bird Chirping Weather13 x 19 You Are My SunshineLg Format Joy PrintAnywhere 8 x 10Large Format Lost Poster
they are phenomenal, are they not? ...yup.

and now, onward and upward, to literature. THE BFG could easily be the best book of all time.
Roald Dahl is pretty much my literary hero, and if you haven't read The BFG, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Danny, Champion of the World, or The Twits... ah, man. i feel sorry for you. while perusing the bookstore at the airport a couple weeks ago, after bidding my sister a fond farewell, my mom told me to pick out a book... and d'you want to know what i chose? well, SNOZZCUMBERS! ...heh.

and speaking of books...
i think i bought FLIPPED by Wendelin van Draanen when i was in Grade 8. and i still love it, and it is still legit. (plus, my book has a blue cover... which just makes it all the more awesome, trust me.) and now i hear that it has been made into a movie! and directed by the same man who directed The Princess Bride!! ...yeah, i got a little excited. sort of like this.
no biggie.
so anyway, if you haven't read it, please find yourself a copy and get to reading... pronto.

in other news, ALEX PETTYFER has been making me grin foolishly lately.
...and don't tell me i'm just following trends. i have loved him long time, since Alex Rider days! with that amazing British accent and that fantastic smile and, um, you know, his general perfect-ness... how can anyone NOT love him? *swoons* (funnily enough, the muy attractive photo of Alex i found online tonight simply refuses to upload. i hold that Blogger just can't deal with his gorgeousness, but hey... we'll just have to live with one photo.)

and last, but most definitely not least, may i introduce to you the man who was been soothing my weary eardrums... Mr JOSHUA RADIN.

i can't say enough good stuff about him. please go listen to When You Find Me and Someone Else's Life, which both featured on the soundtrack of Adam. oh, and if you haven't watched Adam... well. you simply must. Josh is also the man behind Paperweight... aka the best best thing about Dear John. (kay, it tied with Channing Tatum.) he sings with Schuyler Fisk on that song, and it's pretty much perfection. *sigh of bliss*

there you have it, friendlies! and now?
exit, pursued by a bear!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

a little somethin' you must see

when i say a fail of epic proportions.... i'm obviously talking about the fact that i haven't blogged for over three months. yes, i will allow you to look at me with pure shock. yes, i will allow gaping mouths and raised eyebrows.

and now we will all move on. okay? okay :)

America was fun, and coming back home was fun, too. i'll post in more detail about the wedding and In-N-Out and Atlanta in a future post... but for now, i shall leave you with one photo and these words:

look at the title of my blog and then my feet in the photo if you have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about and all should be revealed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

the alphabet of Hanny

hi, folks! so... tomorrow morning, we are driving (for 6,5 hours!) up to Johannesburg. we fetch my sister from the Jozi airport tomorrow evening, and then on Monday evening we fly out of Jozi airport.

and the adventure begins.

the past couple weeks have been a blur of crazy running around, trying to get ready, buying gifts and packing bags and collecting holiday homework (gah) and i thort doing an alphabet of all the stuff that i've been doing recently would be the awesome. don't you agree? no? ah well... too bad for you ;) here goes!

A is for.... AIRPLANES
and when i say Airplanes, i'm talking about both the song by B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams (aka heroine), which i absolutely ADORE, and the aircrafts which fly people over the ocean to cool places around the world. since i will be on one on Monday... BOOYAH! (i adore airplanes. srsly.) on our way to San Francisco, and on our way back to Jozi, we'll be flying through...

Atlanta, where we're going to visit with a super dear friend of ours, Jenne! so inexplicably excited to see her... and to explore Atlanta. it promises to be hot and marvellous, and i already know that we'll be going to see She & Him - Zooey Deschanel's band - play live. how cool??! if i could, i would ricochet off the walls :)

B is for... Bafana Bafana
which is what South Africa's national soccer team is called. you know how the Italians are the Azzuri? (love love love...) yeah, the South Africans are Bafana Bafana... which basically means, "the boys". and i'm pretty proud of our boys - they've been fairing quite well in all of the friendlies over the course of the past few weeks, and didn't do too badly in the Confed Cup last year. i'm taking my football jersey overseas, and you can betcha that i'll be shouting for them from Cali! :)

C is for... C-c-c-cold...
i mean... HONESTLY. living in the Southern hemisphere means that from May onwards, temperatures begin to drop... and they sure have dropped this year! i'm really not a huge winter fan, and every time it rolls around i groan inwardly - and outwardly - because i hate the cold. luckily for me, i'll be spending SA's winter in...

...California, which promises to be beautiful and warm and gorgeous! i've been to the States during the summer, as far as i'm aware of, and i'm ridiculously excited that this could happen. so if you happen to run into a girl singin' "California Girls", grinning from ear to ear and dancing like a hooligan, chances are that it's me ;)

D is for... Dresses!
yup, that's correct - our bridesmaids dresses are all tailored up and packed in a bag! there're a few minor things that need to be sorted out, but all in all they look beautiful! matric dance is also on its way over - 30th of July, baby! - and i have a dress for that sorted out, but i still plan to do some dress shopping when i'm state-side :)

E is for... Etsy
because i am obsessed. it's a heckuva good thing that i don't have my own credit card, because if i did, it'd be maxed out on all the amazingspice stuff going down at Etsy! my new favourite is Dressing On The Side, which combines the two loves of my life - food and slogan tees. WAAAANT!

E is also for... Eleventyseven
whom, you must understand, rock my socks off. if you aren't aware of the craziness that is 11T7, they're an electro-pop band whose album Galactic Conquest must have been the cheapest CD purchase i've ever made, at R20. ($2.50) not to mention that it has some of the most thought-provoking dance tracks in existence. you ought to listen to their coolness today :)

F is for... Fynn
also known as the most precious baby E.V.E.R. two and a half weeks old, and adorable. in case you're wondering, he's the second son of my friends Kerry and Jeremy - their firstborn, Scott, is also one of my favourite kids around. Fynn is about the length of my forearm... aaah!

G is for... Goodbyes
which i utterly hate. i'm missing the last three days of school for this term, and so today i spent my time saying goodbye to all of my fabulous friends. so weird to think that i won't see them for another 5 weeks! *tear* but, never fear, because...

H is for... HELLOES!
i am more psyched than you'd believe to see mah sister tomorrow! WOOT! not to mention that i'll be seeing all of my ridiculously fabulous Cali peeps in under 3 days - EEK!!

H is also for... The Help
which is quite honestly, one of the best books i've ever read. i'm only halfway through, but i'm absolutely loving it and can't wait for tomorrow's long car drive so i can keep reading! if you haven't read it, you should most DEFINITELY do so... now!!

I is for... In-flight Movies!
...purty much my favourite thing about long flights. last time, i watched The Dark Knight... and shuddered at how brilliant Heath Ledger was in that movie. i didn't actually get to watch a great deal more than that, so i'm hoping that this time round, i'll be able to rectify that and watch TONS of movies! :)

J is for... Jozi
of course, we're going up to Jozi tomorrow.... but when i mention Jozi in my alphabetness, it's more because of the new movie by that title. ummm - haai. it is GREATNESS SAUCE! the lead actor is Carl Beukes, and he cracks me up. also, the whole style of the film is a little off-centre, which i utterly adored. and it had such a great, uplifting story behind all the not-so-kiff stuff that might happen when you live in a big city like Johannesburg. oh, and Brenda is my new role model. just sayin'.

K is for.... Keaton and Andrea!
who're the nearly-weds :) i laaaahv them.... i truly do. can't begin to explain how perfect they are for eachother. what more is there to say?!

L is for... Lilo
also known as my best friend from EHS :) she was in the grade above me at school, so now she's off studying. which sucks, because i miss her in a muchos manner. but she's home for the holidays! and i got to see her on Thursday! and we spent the entire afternoon TALKING and LAUGHING and EATING and it was pretty phenomenal. aren't friends such a blessing? :)

M is for Maths
...which i suck at. grrrrr. exams which were written a couple weeks ago, all went well, with an exception for Maths 1 and Accounting. luckily, my sister is a Maths boffin... so you can guess what we'll be doing during our down time this holiday! :P aaaah well... whatever it takes to get a decent mark, i guess ;)

M is also for... MASHED TATERS.
okay, this was a last-minute edition. but it is uh-MAY-zin'. click HERE and you'll know exactly what i'm talking about... especially if you're a fan of potatoes and Sam Gamgee :)

N is for Nommy Food
...of which i have been having a LOT. ohaai there, chocolate cupcakes from Wednesday night... you sure are dangerously delicious. so delicious, in fact, that i would eat you all over again tonight if the rest of the cell group hadn't eaten you, too. and yes... i am proud of Mama and i for making you. because you were off the yumtastic hook. true story.

O is for Owl City
...obvi. i'm only in love with Ocean Eyes, which must be one of the funkiest CDs EVAH. there isn't a song on the entire album that i don't adore. and that, my friends, is no small feat. just sayin'. disappointed that Mr Young won't be touring Cali-way in June/July, cause i could think of almost nothing better than an Owl City show! for now, i will just have to live with recorded awesomeness :) ....oh, and adoring all the incredible Owl City merch. that too.

P is for... Packing
i think i am a packaphobe. seriously. packing is heckuva hard for me! i'm also paranoid when it comes to checked baggage... because i have this ridiculous fear that they're going to send my bag to Puerto Rico and i'll never get it back. so i try to shove as much as i can into my carry-on... and that just doesn't work. thank GOODNESS i'm done with all of my packing! it took forever... but it got done. *wipes sweat off brow*

Q is for... Qetzl
yeah. i had nothing for Q. moving swiftly along...

R is for... The Ranks
who are this ridiculous band based in Pietermaritzburg. they do crazy things like make video blogs comprising of utter nonsense. you can watch them here.... my favourite is #2, but i laughed for about 15 minutes (at least) at #3.... because it makes no sense whatsoever. in any case, they're awesome... oh, and the band makes kiff music too. in case you were wondering.

S is for... School Sports
which is why, in case you were wondering, i was at school today. spent the day shouting for our hockey girls - particularly for Tasha love - and watching the rugby with John, ticking people off for merits, teasing Tee, taking people's money at the tuckshop and eating a wors roll for free. it was fabulous.

S is also for... Sky Sailing
aka Adam Young's side project :) i won't write much about it, except that the music is enthralling and beautiful and i'm desperate for the CD, which (ironically) is being released on the day i get back home :/ siiiigh. do give 'im a listen here - you won't be sorry!

T is for... Tee and Tinkerbell
let me explain. Tee is Thandeka, my gorgeous friend. Tinkerbell is a butterfly i found standing in the middle of the pathway, whom i captured and gave to Tee as a present. it was love at first sight... wouldn't you agree?

love 'em.

U is for... Uniform
as is so beautifully displayed by Tee in the above photograph. and which i no longer have to wear for 5 weeks! *airpunch* uniform can be such a pain in the rear end. but no more of it! from here on in, it'll be jeans and t-shirts, baby! :)

V is for... Vuvuzelas
which are going to make an ENORMOUS appearance at the Soccer World Cup... *laughs* these things are just the funniest. they crack me up. we're taking three overseas with us... can't wait to see how our relatives are going to react to them! bahaha...

W is for... WEDDING!!
which is, of course, the whole purpose of the trip :) i couldn't be more excited if i tried... it's going to be the most beautiful wedding of all time. not to mention that there will be a nacho bar afterwards, followed by ice cream and candy for dessert. i nearly DIED when i heard that... they are practically having MY future wedding menu. *squeals*

X is for... X-cited if you couldn't tell ;)

Y is for... Yorkie and Young two favey men of the moment! Yorkie is, of course, Taylor York, rhythm guitarist of Paramore. i simply love him, because he rocks the party and has this weird way of talkin' that slays me. and he loves gnomes. and his red beanie. and he has an awesome talking voice. plus he did this.... which he will never live down, in my book. laugh just thinking about it. Young is - guess it! - Adam Young, aka Mr Owl City. for reasons why i love him, i will refer you back to letters O and S, as well as saying that his tweets are some of the best ever and he likes Finding Nemo and writes beautiful lyrics. so.

and Z is for.... ZZZZZZZ!

nighty night, blogland :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

fun fact of the week

whew! just managed to squeeze this one in this week!

isn't that awesome? and by awesome, i mean...

awesome |ˈôsəm|
adjectiveextremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
it makes ME feel dizzy just thinking about it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

(top ten) dresses from modcloth

hey y'all! HAPPY FRIDAY! *does happy dance* hope you're all fabulous.

for the past week, my lovely Lauren (whom you should follow... just sayin') has been posting different "top tens" of hers. i absolutely adored this idea, but didn't have a great deal of time to do something that required massive thought. and then i was browsing through all of the delightful dresses on ModCloth and was thinking about how amazing they all were, and, lightbulb! i had it. i'd do a ModCloth dress top ten! and all would be right in the world!...
well, no. all wouldn't be right in the world. but still.
so, here you have it - my MODCLOTH DRESS TOP TEN!
(by the way... they aren't ranked. i could only barely choose a top ten, so ranking them would just make me cry. yes.)

10. the valerie june dress doesn't this dress just make you want to get up and dance with delight? i simply love polka dots. and it's in black and white. and it's classy, yet cute at the same time. aaah!
9. the posie a question dress i can't get over how incredibly adorable this dress is. i know i said that i couldn't rank these dresses any further than selecting a top 10, but if i was absolutely FORCED to choose?... this'd probably be my number 1 :)

8. the loch lomond dress ohaai there, Scottish awesomeness. this dress made me squeal when i first laid eyes upon it! i heart tartan like nobody's business, and the fact that i'm 5/8ths Scottish (i think...?) makes it very appropriate culturally ;)

7. the hyperrealism dress i love me some roses! of the three dresses that i own (i know, i know...), 100% of them are covered in flowers, and two of the three are covered in ROSES. they just manage to look so beautiful on dresses and in general.

6. the a little indie rock dress initially, this dress wasn't on my top 10. i had another really incredible dress picked out for this post, but when i went back to ModCloth to save the picture of it... ALAS! ALACK! it had disappeared. sad day. of course, it just meant replacing that dress with another... and this one made the cut. because it is cute - don't you agree? it's so vintage and funky. so, yay for indie rock!

5. the haute house dress

remember how i said i love dresses with flowers all over them? well, it's true. from the moment i laid eyes on this picture, i was taken in - i think it has something to do with the combination of colour and flowers. in any case, i just can't get enough of this dress!

4. the contender dress ah! i can't get over how adorable this dress is! it makes me think of lazy, happy days, picnics, reading in the park, strolling somewhere with a slight breeze blowing and the sun shining and everything right in the world.

3. the blues sisters dressthis dress is the epitome of cool, calm and collected. and gorgeous, too! it makes me think of one of the dresses Zooey Deschanel wears in (500) Days of Summer (which is, coincidentally, one of my favourite movies of all time. you know.) so that makes the dress even more marvellous! anyone else see the similarities?

2. the band of buttons dress every time i see this dress, i can't help but grin. honestly, it's one of the cutest things i've ever seen... and i've fallen head over heels for it. it makes me think of the Beatles, and Coldplay, and the Ranks - three of the coolest bands to ever walk this earth. and that is the truth :)

1. the balloon ride dress...and here's the last dress. i know some people would find it garish and terrifying - who knows, you might even think so! but i simply can't get over its funky pattern and bright colours. the design is simply the best and i KNOW that wearing it would make me happy!

so, there you have it - my top ten dresses from ModCloth :) what do YOU think? tell me which ModCloth dresses you love, if any!