Thursday, December 13, 2012

priceless penguins

d'you want to know why i love the Christmas season, aside from the obvious (Jesus and family and presents and food)? the answer, my friends, is simple. i love the PENGUINS.

they are so incredibly cute, guys. they waddle around on their sweet little legs and look like dapper little gentlemen in suits. they are also such smooth operators when they start swimming (as observed by yours truly on multiple trips to various marine worlds with glass tanks where you can watch the penguins swim around underwater - yeeeeeah.) they could not be cuter, even if they walked around like this:

and other people seem to agree with me on this cuteness fact - at least, they do at Christmas time. because suddenly, penguins are everywhere. it's pretty awesome.

for instance, look what i found for sale at the little shop at our local Old Age Home? that's right - Mr Awesome Penguin Ornament.

how cute, right? i love his chubbiness and his little feet going up and down like he's waddling along and his big owly eyes.... awww.

i also recently acquired a shirt with this fan-freakin'-tastic design on it, thanks to my parents:

it's THE BEST :D i love little Pengward Scissorhands in the bottom right corner, but can't actually choose a favourite. because let's face it - they're all pretty darn slick.

but i could talk for hours about how cute and fantastic penguins are and not come close to showing you the way that this fantastic little YouTube video does. watch it... i triple-dog dare you :D


so, yes. penguins. it's my life's dream (ever since Chris suggested the possibility of it to me, ha) to own a penguin one day - can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a little penguin like Mr Cook following you around and squealing with delight and all that jazz?! - and i am very determined (VERY! ha!) so if you can think of any way to help me out in this regard, i'd be super appreciative ;) until then, i will be (incredibly) happy with the penguin I already have (Squishy Darren, who featured here in case you missed it) and i'll just enjoy the grandness that is Christmastime, not least for the popularity of the penguin right about now :) 

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