Sunday, December 8, 2013

California, here I come!

a couple things:

and now listen to this:

in just TWENTY MINUTES, a shuttle will arrive at my family's house to take us to the King Shaka airport; from there we'll fly to OR Tambo; from there we'll fly to Washington DC (with a short touchdown in Dakar to refuel the plane) and from THERE we'll fly to SAN FRANCISCO! ...and from there, we'll be met by my lovely aunt, who will drive us to Sacramento - where we'll stay.


i am SO EXCITED! (hence the capital letters.) it is, however, colder in California than usual... apparently it's, um, 6 degrees Celsius and colder. *shivers* so i've packed a whole lot of clothes and if worst comes to worst, i'll wear them all at the same time... that should keep me toasty ;)

here's a cute cartoony that i found on Hello Giggles, headed: "How to survive the cold (and still look cute)". rest assured, i will be taking their advice!

now i must go pack last-minute things - but i'll see y'all on the other side! :D