51 things

here, in no apparent order, you can read 51 wonderful things about me :)

  1. i was born without a sense of direction. if you want to get lost, i'm your girl!
  2. i started blogging when i was 15... on this very blog, ha! my first post was VERY exciting.
  3. oh, i love sarcasm. (could you tell from that last point?) i would say that i am sarcastic about 65% of the time. it's a condition, almost.
  4. postcards are the coolest thing.
  5. my mom was my Grade 1 teacher.
  6. i have never stayed overnight in hospital, or broken a bone. (TOUCH WOOD!)
  7. my original dream in life was to be a veterinarian, and i only changed my mind when i discovered that i'd have to put some of my patients down.
  8. i'm a third-year Journalism student at Rhodes University, specialising in Communication Design.
  9. CUPCAKES! they are the best. my mom even made me a teapot in the shape of a cupcake.
  10. i have two siblings: a half-brother, Huw, who is 11 years older than me, and a sister, Sindisiwe, who is 2.25 years older than me. this makes me the youngest (WOOT!)
  11. i love cats... i love every kind of cat.
  12. i love penguins, too. 
  13. my sister and i have a dream to open up a book cafe one day, where i'll serve cupcakes and tea and she'll sell books. and our cats will wander around meowing and bringing joy.
  14. hot weather is the best. i luxuriate in humidity... whereas winter should just go die.
  15. autumn is nice though.
  16. i shaved off all of my hair with my sister in March 2011... it was pretty much the coolest thing i've ever done. (read more about it here)
  17. i only got my ears pierced a couple weeks before my 17th birthday, but earrings - especially quirky ones - are my FAVOURITE.
  18. Zooey Deschanel once said, "In an ideal world, no one would talk before 10am. People would just hug, because waking up is hard." i really can't put it better than that. also, i love sleep.
  19. my mom is American, which is AWESOME. so is America.
  20. i sing! in a band! called The Bad Hands! we're bad ass ;) i sing all the time, too - especially when i'm just walking down the street. it weirds people out... hmmm.
  21. my birthday is on January 21st.
  22. i have pretty tiny hands, and i'm left handed.
  23. my wardrobe basically consists of slogan t-shirts, jeans, summer dresses and sneakers. i have a single pair of heels, that i bought at the beginning of last year.
  24. i'm really not a big makeup fan, to be honest.
  25. here're links to my favourite blogs: SportsBeard, Lucky Pony, indieBerries, EmmaJaneNation, A Beautiful Mess. i dream of lil' Pink Chucks being as awesome as them one day.
  26. i'm a terrible, TERRIBLE athlete, but i love sports - rugby in particular. SHARKS FOREVER, BABY!
  27. fuzzy animal slippers? love 'em.
  28. i'm an internet junkie - besides this blog, i'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Wordpress...
  29. i can't eat seafood or drink coffee. bleh.
  30. i'm a grammar and spelling Nazi, but don't like using capital letters on my blog very much. double standards win, basically!
  31. i had 10 years of piano lessons growing up, but am still pretty useless.
  32. i'm a hopeless romantic, actually.
  33. i'm also a known readaholic - GIVE ME BOOKS OR SUFFER.
  34. the only piece of jewellery i wear constantly is a thumb ring, given to me by my sister, with the word "Grace" engraved on it. why grace? because it's what my name means, and because God is good.
  35. i once had a mole named Hubert.
  36. all kinds of tea and me are a great combination!
  37. i'd like to get married in a castle, or on the beach. are there any castles near the seaside...?
  38. i'm really clumsy and uncoordinated, guys. i ALWAYS have a bruise on me somewhere.
  39. i love typography and fonts.
  40. my dad loves the game reserve, so i've spent a lot of time in game reserves growing up... but to be honest, i'd much rather be staying in a hotel or guesthouse. i'm really not a camping girl.
  41. apples... meh. just about every other fruit? YES PLEASE!
  42. i adore airports and travelling, but don't like travelling alone much.
  43. i drink far too much Coca-Cola.
  44. i need to live by the sea one day.
  45. i'd like to be that girl with season tickets who goes to EVERY HOME GAME of her team in the future.
  46. i'm slightly obsessive-compulsive. but only slightly... i think...
  47. even though i dislike capitalising important stuff like "i" and the beginnings of sentences on the internets, i really seem to like capitalising words that i want to put emphasis on. just look through this list for proof. scary.
  48. board games and card games make my life. i am my family's known Scrabble Queen - woot! you don't need to bow though, it's chilled.
  49. i wore pink chucks to my matric dance... hence my blog's name :)
  50. i prefer odd numbers.
  51. i love this guy.

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