Saturday, August 20, 2011

happiness is...

  • beautiful weather
  • a boyfriend with a kind heart and a nice car
  • an amazing package in the post from a girl i adore
  • great music
  • rainbows!
  • Top Deck chocolate
  • environmental fashion shows
  • my band's first gig
  • lovely friends
  • fun hair
aaaah... today is a good day :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Women's Day

today being the 9th of August - our national Women's Day here in the RSA - i'd like to take a minute or five to salute the amazing creatures who have made an impact on this world and have influenced me, as well as a (very) few of the beauties who have made themselves present in my life. cool? cool.

i thought it was particularly apt that on this day of all days, the res in which i live here at Rhodes - which is still presently nameless and goes by the provisional title "New Res 2" - had its final cast of votes for a permanent name. among a long list of inspirational people, three women's names got the most votes, and they were Fatima Meer, Rosa Parks and Miriam Makeba. (for the record, i voted for Fatima Meer. i want to be a Meer Cat, yo!) all three of these ladies did amazing amazing things. what a tribute, that we'd honour them today!

now, on a more personal note... here are a small number of the women i love, who have given me roots and wings. (aaaah, the cliches abound...)

my Gran, Jessica. Granny Jess. the bravest, most beautiful woman! i love love love her, and always will. it's been over two years since she died, but her strength and joy and faith are still such huge parts of my life; i'm so very grateful to have known her, loved her and learnt from her. thank you, Jesus, for Granny Jess :)

then i think i definitely need to honour my dear dear mom, Loreen. (and hello, this photo is the awesomeness!)
wow. i'm sorry if you think your mom is the coolest, because you're quite obviously mistaken. i couldn't have asked for a more amazing woman in my life - so full of love and strength and joy! she's one of my best friends and definitely one of my favourite people around. she is so incredible and filled with passion and enthusiasm and just... love. it flows over. what an absolute blessing in my life :)

and then... my sister, Sindi! oh, how i love this girl. is she not breathtakingly beautiful, first of all? secondly, can we discuss how she is patient, generous, passionate and wonderful? she is a role model, someone i look up to and admire; another of my very best friends; she gives amazing hugs and listens and loves. i basically adore her.

then, let's talk about these women... my homegirls, my honorary sisters. first off: Sarah Bear (farthest on the left) is such a blessing in my life :) she's strong and assertive, funny as heck, unconditionally caring and just totally beautiful in every single way. i don't think she knows how much i appreciate her, but it's A LOT - i can talk to her about pretty much anything, and i know that she'll listen and lovingly give advice or reason into whatever i'm going through.
and then - Robyn! (next to Sarah) or, as she likes to be known, Batman ;) what an absolute legend. i'm talking about creative, hilarious, extraordinary everything when i say Robyn. i love her passion about life and everything she embraces in her life. i love that she questions things, that she is loyal and beautiful and downright kicks ass. i love HER, basically, and i'm overjoyed to know her - DBZ junkie and Beatles fanatic and incredible woman that she is.
and last but not least... my Pamalam! the absolute beauty :) she's practically my sister; there is not a person in this world whom she can't make smile. i love her exuberance, her laughter, her happiness and listening and hugs. i love that she loves life, tackles it head on, sings and carries on. she's an absolute joy to be around; she exudes love and warmth.

there are so many other women whose praises i could sing; women whom i love, who have loved me and grown me and shaped me into this woman i am today, and the woman i am still becoming. but, um, i have no time... i should be working right now, truthfully, and i need to get back to the accumulating stack of things that need to be done. so, let it be known that to every woman out there who has made an impact on me -

i love you.

i cherish you and the contribution you've made in my life.

i am grateful for your existence, your fight, your heart.

thank you.

and happy Women's Day :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

next to me

hi, everybody... my name is Hannah, and i'm hopelessly enamoured of a certain someone. a certain someone named Chris.

he makes my heart do little somersaults of happiness.

he feeds me toffees.

he gives big, incredible hugs and likes to hold my hand.

he has eyes that pour forth kindness.

he doesn't mind when i leave hot tear stains all over his jersey during the sad parts of movies.

he loves my Jesus, too.

he is, in a word, wonderful.

and yes... i'm totally lovesick. bear with me, why don't you? here's a happy clappy romantic song for all of us! yay!

...and now i'll go away with all my giddiness ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

August awesomeness

hi there, everybody! :)

this is a random post to say... August is AMAZING so far. (and yes, i know it's only the 1st... and it's only just gone 1pm... but bear with me.)

i have quite honestly had the most beautiful day i've had in a long time, and it only promises to get better! so far:

  • the sun is shining BEAUTIFULLY all around me (the weather has been kind of bratty lately, so sunshine is welcome and wonderful!) here's the view from out my window:

  • there are lovely yellow daisies which have sprung up overnight all over the grass up on the hill, and they make me smile
  • we had Prof Walters, only the most fabulous English lecturer, this morning for a lecture on The Great Gatsby... he played us period music, showed us cars of the age, showed us some of his incredible artistic talent and alluded to 1980s airline commercials. i was the only one who got the joke. SO COOL :)
  • i sat with Michelle and had fun moaning about the Journ readings and remembering how good but sickening The Crucible is
  • i met with Le Sister for some delicious hot chocolate (she had a cappuccino, but whatevs) from HomeGround, and we sat around and shared secrets and giggles and happiness
  • we saw Mike and Laura and there was a pretty rainbow made of wires on the fun computerish thing Mike was carrying around! (wow, i sound pathetic. just ignore that whole point, please...)
  • i saw a LOT of Natal registration plates on the cars parked around campus! which, um, made me happy. don't ask why. can't explain.
  • the councillor for our area totally greeted me this morning. from his car. he comes to my church. i believe this is awesome.
  • CHICKEN PIES for lunch! hi, best meal that the dining hall serves. i am so pleased to eat you. YES.
  • Mr Hattingh sat at our table, and Robyn went off on tangents, and lunch was brilliant :)
and why is the rest of the day going to be beautiful? well, i'm off to book Harry Potter Tickets in just over an hour, and then i'll do some work... (admittedly NOT that fun, but hey...) and THEN, after dinner, i'm going to go listen to a former NASA guy talk about his coolness, and THEN, after that talk, we're all going down to watch HARRY POTTER! woot :)

how are you, lovelies? i hope the sun is shining down on you, too! and here's to the rest of August - let it be just as magnificent :)