Saturday, December 22, 2012


well, you could probably predict the theme for this week, huh? :P welcome to the Christmas edition of Caturday!

and let's kick off with the all-important question - what present do you buy your little fluff-ball of wonder at Christmas time? what a tough decision! thankfully, we have Pusheen to help us out:

I love this cat... so much greatness. in fact, here's another Pusheen Christmas classic:

thanks, Natalie, for sharing this one with me! :D too much love. mostly because that methodology followed by Pusheen right there? I would so follow that methodology. and ruin seeing Santa ;)

then, of course, there's the story of your cat and the Christmas tree. aaaah, a constant struggle. it starts off all innocent-like, in this fashion:
oh, hi there,Christmas bauble. let's be friends! wanna shake hands?

but before you know it, your cat is mesmerised... and wild.

and if you don't watch it, you'll eventually have this on your hands:

which is probably why we never get a huge whack of a Christmas tree. (in all honesty, my family doesn't even have a Christmas tree yet... but it's no biggie ;) )

also, unless your cat is one of the rare kind who actually don't care if you dress them up, DON'T DRESS THEM UP. the result is never like the photoshopped, cozy, cute Christmas kittens you always see advertised at this time of the year. (observe:)

Cute and Lovely Christmas Cat HD Wallpaper Photos 4 728x455 Cute and Lovely Christmas Cat HD Wallpaper, Photos (4)
aaah, so cute! and the cat is so happy with being dressed up!

yeah, your cat won't look like that. it'll look something like this, instead:

Dress ur cat in gay apparel

and you may even end up with a Severely Grumpy Cat on your hands... a grumpiness that will even be used for nefarious purposes, perhaps.

so... let's avoid dressing our cats up, shall we? ;)

and finally, if you plan on giving a cat as a gift, here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to wrap a cat:

with a little help from our friends Pusheen, Grumpy Cat, the wrapped cat, and numerous cats who demonstrated their love for Christmas trees, i think we've got a pretty fool-proof guide to Christmas with cats, so all that's left to say is...

Merry Caturday to all, and to all a good night! :)

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