Wednesday, December 5, 2012


motto |ˈmätō|noun ( pl. -toes or -tos)a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution. ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Italian, ‘word.’

since getting home, i've been helping my mom out and going to her school with her every day - it's the last week of the final term, and you can imagine the craziness that must ensue from this, right? if you can't, it's a LOT of craziness. a LOT.

yesterday evening i got to be in a JWS play for the first time in eleven years, which was hilariously fun (talk about alma mater, right?); today (which was officially the second-to-last day of school for my mom's class), while my mom and three of her kids went out of town for the morning to give a presentation, i was given authority (HA!) of the remaining six kids... and so we did cool stuff, like painting and watching Kung Fu Panda and playing computer games ;) 

during the painting time, i decided to paint something a little different. first off, i'm fairly terrible at painting for the most part. secondly, i am a quotes girl. i have a whole pinboard dedicated to quotes that i think are inspiring, and my computer is loaded with images of... uhhh... quotes.

anyway, i decided to paint a quote, rather than a lion or a butterfly or the beach (which are some of the choices the Grade 4s made). and here it is:

in case you're wondering, i traced the words off of this:

...and then painted the bubble letters in. and it actually looks a lot better than the photo makes it look... or maybe i'm just making excuses :P in any case, i LOVE this quote and i think it's gonna be my motto for 2013 - living frolicsome and free, improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing - who wouldn't want to live like that? :D

what's your motto, lovelies? maybe i'll paint it next ;)

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