Friday, March 1, 2013

marching on

yeesh - the third week of term has just passed by in a royal blur of crazy, and i've been absent from the life of my blog... poor lil' thing.

not to harp on about it, but the year does seem to be passing by at an alarming rate. hmmm.

here's what to look forward to in March:

  • assignments, assignments, and MORE assignments! in the next two and a half weeks, i have two 1800-word essays due along with a presentation of a typeface of my choosing and an entire redesign of a local newspaper. along with, you know, the everyday type of assignments, such as showing up at lectures and preparing for tuts. third year, you good thing, you!
  • the start of volunteering! ...which is something else i've been running around trying to prepare for, to very little avail. HOWEVER, i'm mighty excited about meeting my buddy - or buddies - for the year and enjoying their fresh and pretty darn wonderful take on the world :)
  • rugby, y'all. Super 15 is HAPPENING! tomorrow night the Sharks take on the Stormers and i basically have no fingernails left from all the stress this situation is causing ;) regardless of the outcome of tomorrow's match though, it looks like i'll be ticking off one of my goals for the year - the Sharks are comin' to Port Elizabeth next weekend to take on the Southern Kings, and we're trying our very best to get ourselves there :D not to mention Steers's awesome new Victory Card competition - i'm DEFINITELY aiming to win those two tickets to the Super 15 final!... 
  • holidays! we found out a couple days ago that our res doesn't have to pack up for the vac, which is a blessed miracle :D i've even booked my transport home already, which leads me to...
  • bus trips with Natty and Co :) this is gonna be my first time bussing home - normally i fly back since the bus generally gets into Durban at around midnight in a dodgy area of town and we live elsewhere so it means finding accommodation or driving back in the dark... neither of which are too awesome. BUT since i'm travelling home with Natty and staying with her for a couple days, we're doing the bus business and planning a party! and why, might you ask, am i staying with dear Natalie for a couple days before going home? well, because March is also the month of...
  • BIRTHDAYS! sweet Ali's birthday is in just over a week, and then it's Natalie's (which is the ultimate reason for the bus trip/crash at her place deal - her party is on that weekend), and then my Mama's and Chris's :) birthdays are good things... i approve of them ;) 
  • and lastly, because i'm optimistic and stuff, i'm gonna go with the assumption that March is gonna be full of BLOGGING :D i have a million and a hundred, ten and twenty-one (get it?) ideas about things to post on this lil' blog of mine, and i can't wait to share it with all of y'all! (i'd also like to mention that my friend Darsha has joined the blogging community, and her blog is already amazing two posts in... so you should read it. that's all.)
and now? now, my friends, i will depart from your company and go to sleep, hopefully as deeply as this lil' guy.

DEATH BY ADORABLENESS. okay, okay, now i'm reallllly leeeeaving! see you all tomorrow for a caturday to remember ;)

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