Saturday, March 30, 2013

lazy caturday

can i just mention something from the outset here? this post did NOT want to get written.

there were so many things i could've blogged about today - Easter, or baldness (cause it's the 2nd anniversary of Sindi and i shaving our heads - ha!), or baseball (!) - and i was just too lazy to blog about any of them. and i've been too lazy to do too much work during the holiday so far. FAIL.

and so i'm blogging about... laziness. ha! which means i have an abundant amount of material to work with - because we're talking about CATS here. cats are MASTERS of laziness. KINGS of laziness. hee ;)

take, for example, this kitty who just wants to sleep on the treadmill:

or how about the laziest fight of all time?

...and it's always great to discover a newer, easier way to manage the trip down those tedious stairs...

(except i'll only be really impressed when he demonstrates how to lazily get UP the stairs... ha ;) )

and then for some gratuitous photos of lazy cats:

and let's end off with a photo or three of some local laziness, right in my own home... courtesy of one Roo Mac.

firstly, Exhibits 1A and B:

and yes - that's my rear on which she's sleeping. it's comfortable, apparently :P

and finally, Exhibit 2 comes from earlier today, where without any ado, Miss Roo hopped right on up, curled into a ball and had a snooze on my lap.

oh laziness! how funny you are in cats :) you are, however, not funny in Hannah... and so you have been banished. i can't wait for the next enormously fulfilling week, lacking  completely in laziness! :D

happy Caturday, everyone!

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