Monday, March 11, 2013

pins of the week // 1

hello, good folk! :)

time for a new feature on my blog, called...

(you'd have never guessed, right? ;) )

it's pretty self-explanatory - i'm a big fan of Pinterest, so every week - at any stage during the week - i'll choose my favourite pin/s from some or each of my boards and share them with y'all here, including a link back to the pin and the original image/recipe/design/whatever. sound good? :)

so, let's kick off!

places to go
Pinned Image
first, i'd love to visit this Vertical Garden in Madrid, Spain... (pin | original image | more info)

Pinned Image

and then i'd head over to Lake McDonald (great name you've got there, Lake!) in Montana, where i'd basically stare at its magnificence for hours... (pin | original image | more info)

King Johns Tea-Room
...and finally i'd end off my traversing around the world with a cozy tea at King John's Hunting Lodge Tea Room + Garden in Lacock, Wiltshire, UK. follow the link to the original image to see more amazing images of this place... i'd be there in a heartbeat if i could! (pin | original image + more info)

dream home
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these shelves of colourful bowls MUST be mine one day! :D (pin | original image)

dream wardrobe
best outfit.
this outfit is killing me with its cuteness. (pin | origin)

Songwriter’s Assistant Top. neeeeeed.

also, i can has songwriter's sweater? (pin | original image)

food, glorious food!
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strawberry lemonade layer cake. om nom nom deliciousness. (pin | recipe)

strawberry-nutella stacked french toast. strawberries are a theme here, yo... (pin | tutorial/recipe)

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fruit tacos with chocolate tortillas! best idea ever :) and look, more strawberries!! except i don't know what agave nectar is and i have no idea if we can even get coconut oil in this country... hmmm. oh well! (pin | recipe)

party plans
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i couldn't surpass this WONDERFUL point-by-point guide on how to throw a Proper Tea Party. this needs to happen in my life, and soon. (pin | origin)

crafts + gifts
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how about an awesome tutorial on how to make a felt bow? yes please! (pin | tutorial)

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for Darsha, obviously :D (pin | origin)

stuff i love
stuff your face mugs. amazing.
these "stuff your face" mugs are priceless. except they do have a price... but you know what i mean. (pin | origin)

quotes worth noting
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♥ (pin | origin)

aaaaand that's all for today, folks :) see you soon!

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