Sunday, March 31, 2013

pins of the week // 2

happy Easter Sunday, y'all :D

i'm having a relaxing holiday and i feel like it's about time for...

dream home

this house is absolute perfection! click through to the original link and look at ALL of the photos. i'm desperate to live there ;)
pin | origin

stuff i love
an astronaut duvet! space dreams :D
pin | origin

penguin skittles by Muji. guys. they're PENGUIN SKITTLES.
pin | origin

cat paperclips by Muji... because YES.
pin | origin

if you send in a child's drawing to Child's Own Studio, they'll send back a custom-made soft toy based on the illustration! how amazing is this?!
pin | origin


dream wardrobe

first off, BASEBALL SEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK! :D this shirt perfectly depicts how i feel about the beautiful game...
pin | origin

...and i'd obviously need a pair of sunnies to accompany that shirt, right? :P
pin | origin

and then this two-piece swimsuit. how lovely is it? i'll answer that question... SO SO LOVELY.
pin | origin

food, glorious food!
this, my friends, is Grilled Balsamic Portobello Mushroom and Steak Salad. does that not legitimately sound like heaven? aaaah.
pin | origin

creative design
butterfly tea bag? don't mind if i do! (in fact, i think i may craft some of these... they are TOO beautiful.)

i love this origami alphabet - so clever :)

party plans
these adorable DIY flower invitations might just be the best thing if my 21st plans pan out... :D the original link also has a number of incredible ideas for invites - love it!

quotes worth noting

goin' to the chapel...
can we discuss how everything in this photo is perfect?

...and how incredible is the lace back of this dress?

crafts and gifts
how cute is this leetle felt bow? how about an awesome tutorial and template on how to DIY? yes thanks! :D

...and those are all of my favourite pins from the week... have a wonderful rest of your Easter Sunday, y'all! 


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