Saturday, March 16, 2013

deadlines caturday

hmmmm... it is fast approaching midnight. funny that my post would be about deadlines today of all days, huh? when i'm rushing to meet the caturday deadline? that wasn't planned, i promise :P

with the end of term fast approaching (i officially have three working days left, and Wednesday really doesn't count because... well, i only have one class, maybe), my final term assignment deadlines are also getting all up in mah grill. and i'm reacting sort of like lil' Conan here:


well. that's not the greatest attitude in the world...

but oh well! truth is, i'm feeling sort of like this:

also entitled: Well Do You Want A Cookie Or What

...which is, um, again, not the most conducive attitude towards being an adult / having work to do / getting on with the more onerous tasks in life. but hey, at least i'm not alone - i have Noelle and Conan for company :D 

and now for more CATS! because, you know, it's CATURDAY. yep.

how about...

Sam, the eyebrows cat? i don't think he likes the thought of deadlines, either...
And also the most easily frightened:
"maybe if i hide here in the corner, the deadline won't find me..."

"wait, no, why?! get away!!"

Sam has a "surprised face" that can give any Oscar-nominated actor a run for his money:
"oh, you fiendish deadline... i will never be free!!"

is he not the most expressive cat you've EVER seen? what a legend. follow more of Sam's daily escapades here.

 finally, i consulted the ICanHasCheezburger cats for their take on working, and got the following advice:


and finally...

BOOM. hold yourself back, deadlines... Hannah's coming for ya!

...but first: sleep. the cats would be so proud.

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