Saturday, February 23, 2013

communist caturday

i'm probably gonna get into trouble for this post ;)

calm your cookies, i'm not a communist... not in the slightest. i really haven't been a big fan of communism since deciding that being an idealistic realist was probably a more productive way to spend my time, which was sometime during high school History lessons. in other words, i reckon communism will never work... but i digress.

there happen to be several very funny communist cats out there that need to be shared with the world - so here goes :D

then, of course, there's Lenin Cat...

as well as other commie cats...

Communist cat, says mao

Communist cats

and my FAVOURITE of all time...


and now, just as commie cat must gather more wheat for the motherland, i must gather some sleep for... erm, myself ;) so goodnight, all!


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