Saturday, November 10, 2012

wild caturday

last night, i was sitting around and puzzling over what i'd post for Caturday today. nothing was really coming to me, so i shrugged it off and decided to scroll through my Facebook feed and worry about the post later.

of course, good ol' Facebook Feed came to the rescue! so get ready for some serious awesomeness :D

my dad is a crazy awesome photographer and particularly loves photographing wildlife. he subscribes to a magazine called Africa Geographic, which is basically a magazine about African wildlife and outdoorsy stuff. now here comes the cool part. Africa Geographic announced a few months ago that they'd be running a cover shot competition for their January 2013 cover image, which would work in the following way:

readers of the magazine who thought they had some cover-worthy wildlife shots would submit these photos to the people at the magazine, who then uploaded them onto their magazine's Facebook page. then, these photos would be "voted" for by the Facebook community - judging by how many likes a photo got, the top few photos from each week were put up for consideration.

OF COURSE my dad took part, and he submitted some really amazing photos! now it's the final week and they've put up the final contenders - and my dad has not one but TWO photos in contention! not only that, but they're both of wild cats - OF COURSE. here they are:

how great are these shots, right? :D i'm biased, but even if i weren't i think either of these photos are more than worthy being on the cover of Africa Geographic in a couple months! 

so here's what i need you to do: go here and here and hit "like" on both of these images. and... that's all you need to do! :D


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