Friday, November 9, 2012

the Om-nom-nominator

everyone's familiar with this guy, right? the omnomnomagon? 

and then, of course, there are different versions of the omnomnomnivore:

and then there's... me. and i love to eat. here is an almost-100% accurate representation:

ok, so i'm not so physically... endowed. yet.

last night, after watching Back to the Future with Chris, Sindi, Alan (Sindi's boyfriend) and Jess in Alan's res, i walked into my room and plugged in my computer, took my shoes off, the usual. i glanced over at my door after a little while and did a double take. 

there was something on my floor...

haaaaallelujah! haaaaallelujah! hallelujah, hallelujah, halleeeeelujah!!

so, my first reaction was one of sheer joy... as you can see by my attempt at Handel above. this feeling was followed swiftly by one of suspicion. who would randomly slide a chocolate bar under my door? who would do such a thing... and would they have good intentions?

i dunno if i like the look of ya, choccie...

...and then, very swiftly after that little moment of suspicion, i abandoned myself once more to joy.

...BAZINGA! of course i don't like the look of you - i LOVE the look of you! let's be best friends!

now, let's backtrack a little bit. remember how i love to eat? generally i don't have that much to munch on in my room, but since it's exam time, i bought a few things as study treats. just some NikNaks, some marshmallows, some jelly babies, some chocolate, a bag of Liquorice Allsorts and three bags of mini-biscuits. not that much, riiiight? (actually, that is A TON. but whatever.)

then, i got a box in the mail from my miracle of a mother, with MORE food in it. and LOTS of food. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo's, M&Ms, Mike & Ike's, jelly beans, marshmallow fish, Smarties Mini Eggs, Jambos, two chocolate bars, pretzels (which i've already consumed)... 

which leads me to this point. THIS is the stash of food i currently have in my room. THIS...

and in case that doesn't look like a lot to you, i built it up into a tower, as well:

oh, and hey! i found a Pillsbury chocolate muffin lying around my room, too. may as well throw that into the equation...

and then i walked over to my desk and remembered i had Fizzers:

which, all in all, basically equals the Hannah-version of this:
oh dear.

 you can just call me the OM-NOM-NOMINATOR!

(you know, like the Terminator. except i don't terminate - i om-nom-nom...inate.)
...aaand that will be all.

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