Tuesday, November 13, 2012

this (studying) girl's best friend

hi-ho everybody! (a Kermit reference... well done, Hannah)

i wrote an exam yesterday (Modern Fiction is DONE, baby!) so i'm now a third of the way through my six exams. but i write again tomorrow morning... and it's my second English paper... which is MODERNISM. *gulp* so anyway, my point is i don't have a ton of time to blog, because i should be studying. but i don't want to neglect this page of mine either! a compromise is in order, methinks.

so this is just a short study break, to share something with you that i think perfectly compliments my OM-NOM-NOM post from the other day. are you ready? well, here you go:

just a few words:


i'm seriously not an exercise-y person. it's just not my thing. i'm terrible at sports, running, or anything athletic. but this? SNACKCERCISING?! i am the QUEEN! (step down, Miss Piggy.)

yep. now, i should get back to snackcer... erm, i mean, excercising my brain for tomorrow's paper...


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