Wednesday, November 7, 2012

advertising: you're doing it right

hi, y'all!

first exam done and dusted, and it was surprisingly decent - which is a pretty good feeling :) i don't want to neglect this here blog (which i have done for the past couple days) but also can't commit a LOT of time to writing up a thoughtful post, for the sake of my sanity (i write again on Monday, and then Wednesday, so i need to get studying). SO! i thought i'd compromise and share a few brilliant advertisements i've seen in the past couple weeks.

this, for instance, is the latest safety briefing on board Air New Zealand flights, which is quite obviously inspired by "The Hobbit" and is titled "An Unexpected Briefing":

yes... really. it's fantastic. i can't handle.

then, this ad from Coke Zero just is epic:

no words! how great is this? 

and then, finally, i do believe i've found my future employment agency...

oh John St., how i wish this were real! i would soooooo work there. not even joking.

and now i'm going to go read some postmodernist nonsense for Monday's exam - aaaugh! 

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