Saturday, November 17, 2012

caturday: exams edition

*waves tiredly in general direction of audience*

hi, folks! here's this week's caturday post, and the theme is... you guessed it, EXAMS! oh, whoopie! although the subject matter's pretty darn terrible, the photos are AMAZING, so scroll through and see what i mean ;)

this is pretty much what exams are doing to me:

this is how i feel:

this is what i've been doing:

this is what i want to be doing instead:

this is my facial expression when i see people who are done with exams and are leaving:

this is my facial expression when i'm reminded that i'm only halfway through with my exams:

this is my facial expression in general these days:

and Cool Cat says:

hee! in all seriousness, i'm pretty keen for exams to be over - but no doubt two weeks will fly by :D until next time then, if you're a fellow Rhodent, let's remember the advice of Cool Cat and be strong through our last few exams so that we can fully enjoy the vacation waiting on the other side! and if you aren't a Rhodent... well, keep us in your prayers ;)


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