Saturday, November 3, 2012

caturday: star wars edition!


it's Caturday, and i thought this week i'd focus on somethin' that's been doing the rounds on every news network out there. that's right - George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to Disney, and now Star Wars Episode XII is in motion.

but nope, no kitten... it's all true! so i did some Googling (Google is my new best friend) and found some pretty amazing stuff involving Star Wars and CATS. here goes:

fsheeeeew! Jedi cat on the loose!

om nom nom nom... stormies are delectable.

"no, Luke! he's your father! aaah..."


no comment.

a gift of love

bringing down a cat-at

srsly, Darth? we are royally unimpressed with your anti-gravitational force skills. put us down immediately.

kittens love Darth (when he's not making them levitate)...

...and they love him! ;)

then, of course, as a finale, there's THIS....


in all honesty, i'm actually pretty excited about Disney tackling Star Wars. nervous as all heck? yes... but pretty excited too, i won't lie. now just do a good job, Disney...

pretty please!

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