Friday, November 23, 2012

return of the sheep

after four years, Sindi leaves Grahamstown - for good - on Sunday. i've lived here for the latter two of those four years, and i can honestly say it's been so so SO good - nay, amazing - to start (and then continue) this crazy varsity ride of mine with her around for me to talk and cry to, argue and laugh with, and generally love around. she's at least moving back to our hometown, thanks to what i think is pretty much excellent provision from Jesus, but i'm still going to miss her - hard - in the next couple years. this, to sum it all up, is how i'm feeling:

so - let's not, shall we? let's move onto happier topics. like the fact that while Sindi was packing up her room, she came across the sheep slippers that have been missing from my life for a long long time. 

now, these are some pretty radical slippers. they were a birthday present from my BFF Lilo when we were in high school, and they are:

c) did i mention ADORABLE?!

i mean, what else do you need in slippers? seriously

so, among a lot of other things (that i promise to write about when i write a proper Thanksgiving post - which is coming, i promise!), not least of which is my amazingly beautiful sister and the opportunity i've had to live in this quirky town and do life with her by my side for the past couple years, i am rather enormously grateful for THE RETURN OF THE SHEEP!

 and now i'm grateful for bed time and curling up under the covers with Pride & Prejudice.
(i will study tomorrow... i promise...)


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