Saturday, November 2, 2013

caturday: The Return

hello! hello!

remember me? tis i, Hannah, returning to you, dear blog-readers, after a dreadfully long hiatus. sorry about that. nevertheless, i am BACK! which means...

yes, friends... really:

*cue angel chorus*

what prompted me to return to the world of my blog after nearly two months of silence, you ask? well, technically i'm a day late, but this month (along with being National Novel Writing Month) is also National Blog Posting Month, and bloggers are bein' encouraged to blog every day for the whole month! so i'm gonna do it - or at least i'm gonna try :)

also, i mees blogging. also, i have a little more time on my hands now that it's exam time. HAHAHAHAHAA! no, really... i kind of do. 

in any case, i thought i'd check in before the end of another Caturday to reassure you all of my existence and to say hi!

see you tomorrow for a recap of everything (ok, not everything, but almost everything) that's happened to me in the past two months... prepare to be blown away! ;) until then, stay cool. like a cat.

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