Monday, November 11, 2013

packin' up, shippin' out

ohaai there! here is my (delayed) post that i wanted to share with y'all last night... however, my internet situation has changed somewhat now that i am no longer living in res (gasp!), so i need to find a new happy medium. right now that medium is blogging from Chris's laptop early in the morning while he goes off to breakfast in the dining hall, haha ;)

yesterday involved a lot of packing, and then some more packing with a side of packing to go with all of that packing. i nearly lost my mind in the process, but eventually it was done and my life was condensed to a total of eight bags and five boxes of various sizes, with a few rolls of posters and a magnetic board thrown in for good measure. and let me tell ya: it's weird to shrink your life - well, the stuff which you own and which you use on a daily basis and which therefore, in some strange way, comes to represent your life - down into eight bags and four boxes. WEEEEIRD. it's also weird no longer being a res-dweller (not that too much has changed on that front because Chris is still living in res for the next few weeks, and i'm visiting him about as much as i used to when i lived three minutes away... the only real difference is that i now live 20 minutes away. HA!)

anyway, i'm living with my beautiful friend Ali for the next six days, and i have a LOT of running around, sorting out of digs and Inkwenkwezi matters that needs to be done, so all of that will happen alongside tea and cake with friends that i won't see for a while once i leave, too much fun with Ali and Early Thanksgiving on Friday afternoon! (yes, it's a thing - i've made it a thing.)

that is my story for now, and i'll (hopefully) be back this afternoon or evening with a new story for ya - but until then, bye ;)

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