Friday, November 8, 2013

grammar girl

this post won't be long, because i'm fading fast and Safari is being particularly moody tonight, so even if i were wide awake i'd want to post swiftly before it decides to foul up again... BUT i wrote my final exam this morning (it has yet to sink in, methinks) and it was a grammar exam! (well, an editing exam, but you get the drift.)

if you know me, you'll know i'm a documented member of the grammar police, so this was quite a refreshing thing to write an exam on. that being said, 16 pages and 2.9 hours down the line (out of a total of three hours, in case you were wondering), it's difficult to tell whether or not your headlines are pithy, your photos' captions make sense, and there aren't any glaring errors in the text... so i was relieved to get the thing done and dusted.

it's not as if i'm free though - nah, i'm still in Grahamstown for a good week, friends! i've got to sort out digs stuff as well as finish off some work that i can only do here, so i'll be staying with my beautiful friend Ali from Sunday onwards (when i am officially booted out of residence for the last time ever) :)

back to grammar, though! i see your eyebrows raise as soon as i mention my strong feelings for correct grammar, when on this blog i only use lowercase at the start of just about every sentence. what can i say? i don't even have an explanation for ya there; just rest assured that in everyday life and academic writing, i somehow recall and reinstate the art of sentences starting off in capital fashion.

as a tribute to my grammar exam (ugh, it was actually a rather nasty piece of work, but whatever), i scrolled through Grammarly's Facebook page and found some delightful pics which i thought i'd share with you today:

(okay, this last one has very little to do with grammar... but it certainly is true in my case, so i decided to let it join the club ;)

oh dear! which is your favourite - and are you a card-holder at the International Grammar Police Academy, too? ;)

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