Saturday, November 23, 2013

speak your mind.

i've pretty much slid off the wagon of posting once/twice/thrice every day, and i've decided that that's alright :)

since the start of the month, however, i've wanted to blog about spoken word poetry and how important i think it is. my opinion, though, really isn't one you need any more of right now, and my love for well-written and performed spoken word poetry is (ironically) something i have struggled to adequately express in words, so i decided for this post to simply share some of my absolute favourite spoken word poets with you and let you reach conclusions on your own.

Franny Choi

Notes on the Existence of Ghosts


Wire Woman

Sarah Kay

If I Should Have A Daughter

(and if you have an incredible amount of cap, you should watch her entire TEDxTalk here. cause.)


Forest Fires

Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tyre

Extended Development

An Origin Story (Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye)

When Love Arrives (Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye)

Rudy Francisco


Scars/To The New Boyfriend

Shane Koyczan (To This Day Project)

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