Saturday, September 7, 2013

tired caturday

eep! i missed last week's caturday again. sorry, y'all! reasons abound -- but essentially, i was travelling (in some way, shape or form) from 6.30am until 6pm, and it made me tired. or, to be more precise, i was MEANT to be travelling and spent half of that time sitting and waiting. (my bus to the airport was delayed by an hour and 45 minutes; my plane home was delayed THREE HOURS.) i had no idea how exhausting sitting could be -- HA! aaaanyway... :)

this is the theme i wanted to put up last week -- can you guess why? now that i've been home for a week, i'm a little less exhausted, but i'm still pretty tired! my body's gotten so used to going to sleep at around 12 that when i come home i can't bear to go to bed before then most of the time, but then i decide i want to get up at 5.30am the next day so i can go to school with my mom, which cuts an hour off my normal sleeping time. oh dear. must be a sucker for punishment ;)

nevertheless, there are some gems of tired cats which i shall share with you today! considering that cats spend the majority of their lives napping, i suppose sleepy cats are a pretty common occurrence :)

...and for good measure, have some videos of tired kitties...

mmmm... time for a nap, methinks! ;) i've got to be up at 4am tomorrow to catch my flight back to Port Elizabeth, and the thought of it just makes me tired. happy caturday, everyone!

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