Sunday, November 3, 2013

an eight-week recap

...and i'm back in the game!

here's to sticking with blogging for a while - i've committed to blogging every day for the next month, and i'm eager to see it through :)

before i get started on new things, though, i should catch y'all up on the business in my life that's happened while i've been away from the blogosphere. luckily, i took some photos so you'll have some pictures to look at while i ramble on... ;)

1. i had fun with this guy - as per usual :) this is a rockin' selfie which i took after Chris' and my final Leavers Dinner in our dining hall. both of us will be in digs next year (bachelor flats FTW!), and we're both gettin' pretty keen to be done with res... ha.

2. i applied for JMS Design 4 - AND GOT IN!!! i also applied to tutor the Journalism 2 print course - AND GOT IN!!! this bodes an unusually happy feeling towards the Journalism department. i'm sure it'll pass with time ;)

3. i took another selfie-shot with Sindi...

4. Huw and Mary-Elyse's wedding :D it was perfection, no two ways about it.

5. This is my gran when she was a baby - i snapped a photo of a photo at my uncle's house when we were up in Johannesburg for the wedding.

i inherited a few of her cookery books on that trip, too - books of which i plan to make good use next year, in my own kitchen! :)

6. i also encountered this instruction in a Woolworths in Johannesburg, and it is my new life motto. yep.

7. i was invited to a few dinners over the course of the past two months, the first of which was held by our university's Student Representative Council... it was held in the Vice-Chancellor's Dining Hall and i may have decided to secretly live here one day. it has a nearly 360-degree window view! it is amazing! the evening was rather shmancy... was the decadent pudding :)

8. i witnessed a few amazing skies, as one is likely to do when living in Grahamstown. for all the nonsense we deal with otherwise, the skies can be rather lovely ;)
 (in the photo above, you can just see Chris's residence to the left; in the photo below, my res is the building on the left.)

9. i began work as the Oppidan Press's Assistant (to the) Chief Designer, which involves a lot of writing on whiteboards and designing on computers :) we sacrificed more than a whole weekend to making our final edition incredible... it was so worth it.
 (the photo above is an idea of the stuff we write on the whiteboards at editorial meetings - the slug names of stories that have been proposed for particular sections, each story's word count and whether or not we have a photo for the story.)

Oppi Press then had its annual general meeting, which was a blast, and i was given a certificate for being Little Miss Sunshine... heh :)

10. i discovered that you can grow cats!!! ok, not really. but this has to be one of my favourite things i've seen in a while :)

11. i walked into an English lecture and found tessellations drawn all over the boards - i had to take a photo for Sindi :)

12. this guy... his name is Rafiki. he is the BEST. he belongs to Steph, one of the girls who does athletics with Chris, so needless to say i've been finding myself at the track a lot more often recently ;)

just LOOK AT HIS FACE... aaaah.

13. Chris went to a conference in the Western Cape a couple weeks ago, and flew there in a little Cessna! too much coolness, hey?

14. Inkwenkwezi won society of the year at the Rhodes Community Engagement Awards! :D

15. my mama sent a package of AMAZINGNESS, as she is prone to do. i know you're jealous ;)

15. i ate a fair amount of food... like Bacovian pizza at the Rat...

...and Indian food during Indian Day with Darsha, Carissa and Cath...

...and Scooters, because it's important to get a slice of the good life. their wall even tells you to do so.

16. RAIN. so much of it. not as much as last year, but still a ton! Grahamstown has needed it though, and it's cleared up for the past few days, so i won't complain :)

17. my beautiful friend Cathryn (with shiny eyes!) and her fraaands sang amazingly right before mah band played our last gig of all time. it was bittersweet and lovely.

18. oh, look - flowers!

19. a few 'new' quotes found their way onto the walls of the Journalism department's bathroom (which is already adorned with quotes on some of its wall tiles). these are my favourites:

20. speaking of the Journ department, look at this new guy in the Design lab! he's the cutest.

his computer screen is great, too:

21. i had a great time at the Top 100 awards evening, and got a fancy shiny trophy!

...i also stole gerber daisies, cause that's how i roll.

22. i had my last reading session with Lathitha. so weird and sad that Inkwenkwezi's finished for another year!


24. i got this naaasty stomach bug and went to the doctor for the second time this year! this is after a clean record for nearly three whole years... sigh. guess my body's done with Grahamstown now :P anyway, they gave me some pills and i'm all good in the hood now!

24. my Journ team put together an AMAZING newspaper supplement about the value of reading and school libraries, and i am so proud that my heart could sing. literally.

25. i started a countdown till my family jets off to the States :D

26. plans are in the pipeline for an early Thanksgiving here in Grahamstown... oooh! i need to iron out details, but i'm gettin' keen just thinking about it :) i've already pulled out my "Give Thanks" banner from last year and I'm excited to reuse it!

27. yeah, this is just my bookshelf decorations. i like them.

28. i dressed up as a black cat for Halloween ;)


30. oh, and yeah, it's exam time. this is a look at all the things i keep in my plastic sleeve (we're not allowed pencil cases inside the exam venue, cause peeps can hide crib notes in 'em). pens, pens, a pencil, a highlighter, a penguin eraser (cause he's cute), my ID book, my student card, and trinkets to remind me that i'm loved.

...and that, my friends, is a good idea of all that i've been up to in the past couple months, give or take a few things! :) tune in tomorrow for an all-new episode of Hannah-risms... i have no idea what's on the programme, but IT'S GONNA BE GOOD :D

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