Saturday, October 6, 2012

happy caturday: The Beginning

if you recall a blog post i wrote not too long ago (appropriately named "i love cats"), you'll know that i'm crazy about cats. it is a borderline case of obsession.... i love them a long time.

catgif8 Cat Saturday (25 Photos) 
ooooh trippy cats!

i even got into an argument on one of my best friends' facebook walls about it - seeing is believing:

lifetime loneliness? BUDDY, PLEASE.

anyway, i've been thinking i should have a "staple" type post on my blog, something weekly that'll encourage me to blog more regularly and will hopefully also force me to get posts in between the "staple" posts, for variety's sake. and what better than to combine my love of cats with this "staple" post? 

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you... CATURDAY.

every Saturday from now on, i'll be posting a GPOC - a gratuitous picture of cats/a cat. (thanks for the abbreviation, Tumblr.) i know, i know - i didn't coin the phrase and i won't pretend i'm smart enough to have done so. but it's worth utilising for the occasion :) sometimes it'll be themed according to what's going on in my life or a public holiday that i celebrate or whatever; sometimes it'll just be a random picture. either way, it'll be amazing!

so, aside from that TRIPPY DJ CAT and the CUTE KIDDEN above, may i present this week's inaugural GPOC:

a cat with books. because that is awesome, plain and simple.

and then, because i'm going to sleep now so i can wake up at 3:30AM to watch the Giants play the Reds, here's a themed GPOC of GIANTS CATS! (i can already tell i'm going to be terrible at posting just one photo...)

and now, really, that is THE END!

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