Saturday, October 27, 2012

caturday: gameday edition

hello, everyone!

welcome to the fourth edition of Caturday, where the theme is... SPORTS FINALS!

today, my rugby team - the mighty Sharks - go up against Western Province in a fight for the 2012 Currie Cup title. kick-off is in about half an hour - EEK! so, of course, the cats i have on hand for you today involve sharks. but in no unpleasant terms, of course... just as buddies.

for instance, look at these guys. a rawr-some pairing if ever i saw one! they would take on any baddies together and totally kick ass.

basically, sharks win. that is all. oh, and reblog… doh.

and then, how's about a cat just chillin' in the jaws of a shark? because they are just that tight. 

yizz for the shizz.

in other news (or should i say, MEWS! ....i am just full of terrible puns today, trust me) my beloved Giants go up against the Detroit Tigers in Game 3 of the World Series tonight (or, really, tomorrow morning. at 2AM. sigh... i will never sleep again!)

so here's a giant cat, or 4... because that makes sense.
Giant Cat

i am giant, hear me rawr.
now i'm gonna go watch the Sharks game, so happy Caturday to you all!

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