Monday, October 22, 2012

what's a girl gotta do for some gumboots?

buuuuuut.... really. we've been having freakishly flood-like weather here for at least the past week and a half. on Saturday, i decided it was time to bite the bullet and finally buy me a pair of gumboots. actually, i decided this on Thursday; but my life was so crazy on Thursday and Friday that i postponed the occasion to Saturday. 

apparently, this postponement was a bad idea, because there are now no gumboots to be found in Grahamstown. for realsies. and since the road from Grahamstown to Port Elizabeth looks something like this...

...i somehow highly doubt any transporters will be making their way to Lil' Varsity Hometown with a fresh new crop of wellies just for me. (more photos HERE, if you're interested.) and honestly, we're lucky here in Grahamstown - our town looks NOTHING like Port Alfred, which is just up the road. take a look:

(photos found at News24)

so, what does this mean for gumbootless Hannahkin? well, basically:

ha! in all honesty though, all three pairs of my sneakers have suffered tremendously due to this weather. my beloved pink chucks (after which this entire blog is named) even started moulding at one point! it's awful. 

in lieu of having any gumboots to call my own, i went online-shopping and found heaps of the things which i'd just love to welcome into my life. take a look and tell me you wouldn't, too!

these ones just make me laugh and laugh and laugh... at their terrible use of grammar ;)
Wish My Boyfriend Was As Dirty As My Boots
Original Great Black

Fred's Canary Stardust with stunning starsPink boots with pink heartsHavaianas Printed Wellington Boots

and, my absolute favourites...

aaaaah, gumboots! when will you be mine?


A Sloshy Hannah

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little learner said...

Oh -- LOVE those Mary Jane ones!
Wish I could post a pair,
but I don't think the post is getting through at this point either.
Sorry, soggy Hannah!