Sunday, October 14, 2012

caturday: s01e02

hiiii there!

so this is how it's going to go. i'm going to say,
and your response is going to be, 
(yes, you will make that facial expression, too.)

and then i will reply,

i will make this facial expression as well... yep - AWESOME.

so, what will the basis of this week's Caturday post be? hmmm. well, i watched a ton of series episodes this week. so much proud! but i couldn't find any photos of kitties watching series. and let's face it, i didn't really try that hard to find said picture, because watching series episodes should never be the highlight of ANYONE's life. (seriously, Hannah.) so i limited myself to modelling the blog post name itself after series titles (oooh look at what i did there!) and for an actual image, i decided to go with this honey:

look at his cute little anxious face! that is how my soul is looking now. if my soul has an appearance, you know. and my soul's appearance (or non-appearance) is looking all anxious because it is soooo soon before us Journo 2 kiddies find out which specialisations we've been allocated into for next year! and i might be harping on about it, but this is a big deal for me. a really big deal. PLEASE LOVE ME, JOURN DEPARTMENT, AND GIVE ME DESIGN. kthxbaai.

and then, because i couldn't (and probably never will be able to) stop at just ONE image... i have to share just ONE more with y'all. 

now, this TOTALLY relates to my life, especially yesterday, but it requires a little explaining before you can see it. (if you've looked already, you're a silly spoiler... ha!) one of my non-continuing courses is called Modern Fiction, and in it we study a whole bunch of (for the most part) really cool texts which have been translated from various languages into English. i love most of the books themselves, but sometimes the lectures on them go right over my head. particularly when they're postmodern novels. wheeeeeeee! (that was the sound of them going over my head, in case you were wondering.) 

we've just started a new book, which is - you guessed it - postmodernist! and what is one of the main themes of postmodernism, friends? why, metatextuality, of course. to quote our beloved present lecturer directly, metatextuality means that "the text refers to itself and to its own processes." that definition comes straight out of my notes, by the way. whoo, guys - METATEXTUALITY! texts within texts! auto-referential-ness! so i have something here for all you postmodernists and Modern Fiction boffins. may i present to you... 


aaaaah tis a cat within a cat! tis auto-referential! postmodernism eat your heart out!

...and now i'll stop being sarcastic and say ADIOS, AMIGOS, have a delightful rest of your Caturday and i'll see you all soon :)

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