Thursday, October 25, 2012


i'm supposed to be asleep now, so i'll be able to wake up in an hour and a half and watch (well, follow) the first game of the World Series. i'm gonna attempt to sleep in a couple minutes... but seriously, i've got the jitters. why? well, because...

...and DO I WANT THAT TITLE. on top of that, my Sharks (and boy oh BOY, do i love my Sharks) are playing in the final of the Currie Cup this weekend, against Western Province. we've been their bogie team this year, and they haven't won a single game against us - but if we lose this, that's all for nought. 

nevertheless, i just stumbled across this little 'message' of support for the guys and i can't stop grinning... so you should take a look, too :)

i especially love the last little S girl... but A and R are hilarious! oh, i can't take the cute.

so. now for a restless hour of sleep and then the ball starts rolling! waosghldgsdghowe. kthxbaai.

edited to update:

...yes, please! now, let's do the same tonight :D

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