Sunday, September 9, 2012

i love cats

time to pick up the blogger baton. i can do this. i can start blogging on a regular basis again. *trembles nervously*

so, yo - it always seems to be confession time up in here when i blog recently. (i also seem to be a gangster, suddenly. hmmm.) here comes another (fairly obvious, i think) confession: I ADORE CATS.

i'm presently on a week-long school break so i've back in Lil' Hometown since Friday and this (see photo below) has been happening frequently since then. YES.

forgive the hideous picture - i'm aware that i really don't look at the top of my game (hides), but it kind of basically demonstrates my point. this is my (*ahem* technically my family's) cat Gimli. and me. just chillin'.

my family's never really had a dog. (you'll see why i say really in a couple sentences, don't fret.) this has a lot to do with the fact that my dad's just not a dog person; they're too boisterous and loud and messy, they dig up his yard and they scare his birds away. it just doesn't work. we tried to make it work with a Cocker Spaniel-Border Collie cross named Sam when i was 5 or 6, but it didn't happen; she was lovingly given to our local SPCA after a year (maximum... i was little so the time-frame evades me). but we've had a cat for long periods of time - first Rufus and now Gimli. 

cats are basically one of my favourite two animals. (the other favourite: PENGUINS! i actually had cats down as second-favourite just because i can actually own one some day, removing some of the awe and wonder that i felt would linger around penguins forever; but Chris disputed my claim that i could never own a penguin and instead maintains that it's possible in some future of mine for me to have a little penguin waddling around behind me - LOVE - so now they're back on equal footing. penguins and cats. will have to write a penguin post soon. oh, and i appear to have an obsession with brackets in this post. speaking of which, this bracket should end. now.)

i love cats so much that i'm at the level of the I LOVE CATS LADY. heck, i'm not even gonna just link to her... the video deserves to be right here, all up in your business. WATCH AND LEARN, PEASANTS.

now, the sad - or awesome - thing about this is that the woman above was definitely trollollolling. i am not. i love cats THIS MUCH. okay, maybe sans basket and rainbows and stuff - but really, i want to hug them all, and it makes me sad that i can't.

my sister and her digsmates recently got a cat - the beautiful Cass, pictured above - and now i'm sad that i'm not moving into digs next year. just because i can't have a cat. and Chris and i have honestly had discussions about getting a kitten to live in res with us, but always run into the same issues (not allowed, will meow at odd times, will fall out of 3rd-floor res window and badly hurt itself). insane, right? and sad... so sad. just want to have a cat.

i find all kinds of cute cat things on the internet which make me feel like i'm not alone out there. there is obviously ICanHasCheezburger, which is epic:

waayt!  hugz befo u go?

...yeah, i could carry on, but i'll stop with the Monty Python reference because it WINS.

and then this Free Crappy Portrait, that i wish was for me:

(i don't know why she couldn't be BLONDE, really, cause then this'd be perfect)

and then numerous other things such as this fantastic illustration:

and cat clothes from ModCloth...
Claw Enforcement Tee - Mid-length, Blue, White, Casual, Short Sleeves, Novelty PrintFur Sighted Top - Yellow, Red, Print with Animals, Novelty Print, Casual, Short Sleeves, Spring, Summer, Mid-length

That Yarn Cat Tee - Mid-length, Blue, Red, White, Casual, Short SleevesCat Eyeglasses Sweater - Mid-length, Blue, Orange, Brown, Tan / Cream, Black, Print with Animals, Long Sleeve, CasualDream Cat-cher Top - Mid-length, Casual, Black, White, Short Sleeves, Print with AnimalsCat Caf Tee - Red, Tan / Cream, Print with Animals, Casual, Short Sleeves, Mid-length

finally, this video (read Huffington Post's little article on it here, which is brilliant too):

and THIS... forever and always.

in conclusion? i love cats. always have, always will. and i really ought to work on my conclusions, but i can think of nothing better to say, so adios! ...and go hug a cat.


♥Zoey♦ said...

hi hanny! It's zoey! (your cusin) I love your blog, and miss you! (ps, me likes your pretty kitty) - ♥Zo♥

Tristan de Robz said...

You make being a crazy cat-lady sound cool :)I hope your life will be filled with the adorable fuzz balls.