Tuesday, May 28, 2013

(LATE, LATE) baby caturday


by now, you have lost all hope in me. "what is this travesty?" you cry, while giving me the Eyeball of Sadness. it is, my friends, the Dreaded Work. it was the Dreaded Work that kept me from posting even a measly little post on Saturday, or Sunday, or even Monday. and now that the deadline has passed for the Dreaded Work and it has been handed in, the Dreaded Exams threaten to take its place! but, "NO!" i cry! i will not let this be! i must and i will post my caturday post!

...and so here we are.


after that dramatic introduction, i'd love to introduce you to the theme for this past caturday. it is babies. (you know, the cat version. so kittens.)

why, you ask?

well, on Friday the beautiful Sophia Renee Flores (the baby of my cousin) was born, and it is pretty much one of the most important things of all time. she is a beaut. see here:

with her auntie Andrea (the two princesses, it might be told)

with her wonderful grandmama, Celia...

...and with her dad Josh (right) and her uncle Joe and the two ladies... (minus dear Rachel)

sweet princess, right? :)

i thus decided that this caturday ought to be sweet baby caturday in Sophie's honour, and so it shall.

cue roll of cute baby kitties!

cute kittens

none as cute as Sophia, i know... but still pretty cute ;)

and now, of course, for some kitten videos... because let's face it, my post wouldn't be the same without them. watch and see:



time to sleep :) good night, everyone! hope you're having a royally awesome week so far :)

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