Saturday, June 1, 2013

grumpy caturday


i've had a grumpy evening, for no particular reason (besides the Giants NOT playing so well... but we won't talk about that). since it's caturday, and it's time to get my head in the game (it's JUNE!), i thought i'd post about... grumpiness. and who better catifies (that's a new word - like personifies, but CAT instead of PERSON. i'm clever ;) ) grumpiness than the marvellous TARDAR SAUCE?!

yeah, her real name is Tardar Sauce (and let's face it, i'd probably also be pretty grumpy if that were my name), but she's better known to the internet world as Grumpy Cat. 

Grumpy Cat gets a movie deal

she actually looks perpetually upset because she has a condition called feline dwarfism. she turned 1 in April this year, but has already had it tough... i mean, carrying the world's grumpiness on your shoulders is a pretty big burden, don't you think? ;)

so, she has obviously inspired some artwork...

Grumpy Cat Nope

grumpy cat,valentine's day

art,beautiful pictures,grumpy cat

graffiti,grumpy cat,photo

i especially love the work of the Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment Centre - around 30 of their artists created unique pieces of art centred around Tardar. check it out and see if you don't think it's cool! my favourite pieces from that project are below:

Judson Portzer Grumpy Cat

(yes, that is stained glass, y'all.)

Terri Shows Grumpy Cat

Gina Percifull

Tracey Greene Grumpy Cat

Calvin Hubbard Grumpy Cat

Katherine Purves Grumpy Cat

Jennifer Stottle Taylor Grumpy Cat

Denise Williams Grumpy Cat

Erin Michael Chainmail Grumpy Cat
Erin Michael Chainmail Grumpy Cat


Julie Gill Grumpy Cat Stained Glass

Jeannie Vereen Grumpy Cat Rug

Holly Morningstar Game of Thrones Grumpy Cat

Lenore Corey Grumpy Cat Painting

No'Ala Magazine Grumpy Cat Cover

Monica Yother Grumpy Cat Drawing

and my favourites...
Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake

Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake

Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake

Emily Bodnar Grumpy Cat Snowflake


okay, okay. so it's obvious that Grumpy Cat is popular as heck! she has JUST JUST landed a movie deal though - how awesome is that? this was her response:

bahahahahaa :) 

you can read more about her movie deal (and just generally about her) here. meanwhile, i'm gonna go to bed - after Grumpy Cat has successfully made me way less grumpy! 


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