Sunday, May 12, 2013

caturday: the FWP edition

hi, y'all!

i know, i know, i know...  i'm late with this post again :/ now's the time when you cue the image of me sitting in La Tratoria (an AMAZING Italian restaurant) last night with the most wonderful company, food, drinks, music, dancing and the main thought running through my head being, "oh no, i haven't posted for caturday yet... darn it!" First World Problems much? ;)

but before we get into the post (and i've given you a bit of a hint regarding what it's about, haha!) i have a video for you to watch that will hopefully make you forgive me for being a day late ;) it is MAGIC, trust me...

i cannot handle it. as for the cats with the vacuum cleaners - WHAT? Gimli and Roo both hate the vacuum cleaner and run away from it. they would die before letting it GROOM them! whoozah!


the theme for this week's caturday is (could you guess? ;) ) FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! this is because, if i'm being perfectly honest, i can sometimes be the QUEEN of First World Problems. the QUEEN.

so, without further ado, the First World Problems... of cats.

First World Cat Problems: Do Something About This, Hoomin!

If you leave the bedroom door open...

...and if those weren't ENOUGH, someone decided that cats are SO uppity that they'd speak in Latin while bemoaning their first-world pains. SERIOUSLY.

"I could never catch the little red dot."

"I miss the Egyptians and my statues."

"Human bought me a new cat bed... I prefer the box."

"I don't know my name because I have so many nicknames."

"I've only been fed six times today."

whew. cats have a LOT of First World Problems, it appears. poor kids ;) 

if you feel like an extra chuckle, watch this video - which is quite a few of these First World Problems and some others combined in the form of a cat's diary. it is legitimate. 

...oh dear. now that that's done, i have a First World Problem of my own (school work to do - on a Sunday! what a travesty!) so i must bid you all adieu as well as a happy and beautiful Mothers' Day! :D 

i love you, Mama!

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