Friday, May 10, 2013

autumn soundtrack

it's so sad when i think about all the time i must've had to blog back in school on which i never monopolised... now, when i have so much to blog about, i just have NO TIME (>.<) sigh. moving on...

on WEDNESDAY, i planned to post this particular post for y'all -- and now it is Friday and a day away from caturday, but i couldn't care less. i will post about this, gosh darn it! i've been listening to a lot of tunes lately while working in the Design labs and have hit on a number of gems that i feel perfectly fit the mood of autumn (which, if you're in the northern hemisphere, is getting quite visible down here in the south)... so relax, kick off your shoes, and sway along to some fairly melancholic but nevertheless beautiful autumn-style music! :)


love is beautiful and true, life is beautiful and new. YEP.

time for me to head to a lecture, but have a happy Friday, everybody :D

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