Sunday, May 5, 2013

belated caturday: the band edition

hey y'all!

i apologise for missing caturday yesterday... *grimace* i had every intention of blogging, but my day turned into a jam-packed frenzy of:

  • watching rugby
  • getting my heart broken while watching rugby (don't laugh, it's a thing!)
  • spending three hours in an office full of funny people subbing newspaper articles and making grammatical and design changes to pages on a computer that decided (at the last minute!) to pack up and leave me in the lurch (don't laugh, it's another thing) 
  • rushing off to band practice
  • having band practice
  • rushing off to soundcheck
  • having soundcheck
  • getting back up the hill and spending some time with my guy
  • walking back down the hill to get some food before our gig
  • waiting FOREVER at Debonairs
  • finally getting my food
  • sitting on the floor at Oldies and eating pizza that was practically dripping with cheese while being chastised by friends for eating dairy before singing (ha!)
  • playing our gig at Battle of the Acoustics
  • winning Battle of the Acoustics
  • getting victory ice cream with Natalie, Cathy, Niamh and their other nice friend whose name i don't know (oops) EDITED TO ADD: ATHINA! their friend's name is Athina and she's lovely :)
  • walking back up the hill
  • spending a little time with Chris, and...
  • heading back to res and falling into bed for some serious sleep. 
so yeah... time wasn't really on my side yesterday >.<

ANYWAY, since The Bad Hands (my band, yo) won Battle of the Acoustics (! very excited !) i decided to go with a band theme for this weekend's caturday. ohmygoodness. hold onto your hats... this is gonna get funny ;)

firstly, crazy Debbie's cat-band... because yes.

then there are these guys...

and these 'uns...

...who both have more detailed stage set-ups than the Bad Hands ever do, hee ;) (also, purple with stars? interesting theme there...)

then, of course, we have the indie-band, with lead singer Cat Somebody rocking that hipster scarf...

...and then these guys, who basically RULE. i would SO join their band if they asked me to!

also, a maracca-party cat band. who would not want these cool cats entertaining their party people? amiright?

and FINALLY, explodingdog's Sam takes the cake with this one:

...except cats totally are friend replacements ;) that's all.

now goodnight everybody, and i'll hopefully blog again super soon!! 

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