Monday, May 20, 2013

belated caturday: getting through

so. this time round, i'm not even a day late... i'm TWO whole days late. TWO. this is how ridiculous my life has gotten. urgh!

with this in mind, i have a copy-paste caturday to share with you, with very little original input from yours truly. however, you should still love it... and if you don't, you aren't human. k, that's all.

(this was sent to me via the really wonderful Natalie-friend, who deserves much credit for being her beautiful self. onwards.)

Herewith follows a BuzzFeed page entitled, "How To Overcome Anything". seems appropriate.

Having a bad day? Maybe you need a friend to jump in and help you out.

Sometimes LIFE happens and we have no clue how to react.

You might be a little overwhelmed at first.

Or, like, really freaked out.

But that's totally OK, because everyone has days where they're blindsided.

What's important is remembering that you're awesome...

...and can handle any challenge that comes your way...

...because you are innovative and quick on your feet.

Sometimes being innovative means there's a risk of failure...

...or that you might fall a bit short...

...but remember not to beat yourself up about it.

It's more likely that you're going to kick this obstacle's butt!

So get busy...

...because you're totally going to nail it...

...and you'll get the recognition you deserve for it, too!

The rest will be smooth sailing :)

how awesome was that, right?! totally worth the extra two days it took me to get my act together and post it :P if you'd like to see the original post (that i 100% plagiarised), click here. otherwise, have an amazing week! (and do bear us Journ kids in mind if you have a moment... i'm still struggling to comprehend that all of this work is a real thing >.< ) 

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